Creative Collaboration

“I have this idea but I need your help,” I say to my artist boyfriend, the one and only, Mr. Darcy.

“Okay. . . what is it?” he replies with a hint of skepticism in his voice.

“I want to take a small canvas and paint caricatures of us on it then add two hooks underneath to hang our keys,” I explain enthusiastically.

“Sure! Sounds cute.” (I love my agreeable boyfriend.)

Weeks later we finally got the canvas and Mr. Darcy had the time to create. We have different ideas about colors but we ended up compromising. Here’s the finished product greeting us in our hallway.

Stop. Collaborate & Listen.

I’m great at coming up with ideas and he’s great completing them. Our differences balance each other out, luckily.

40 thoughts on “Creative Collaboration

  1. Cute cute cute!!! What a fantastic idea, and I had no idea Mr. Darcy was an artist as well. Huge points! Great collaboration πŸ˜‰

  2. What a fabulous collaboration! I love what you two came up with together, what a wonderful aspect to your relationship that you can be creative together. I’m jealous.

  3. Wow. Things between you two are starting to look pretty serious! You’ve got hearts there and everything!

    My keys get tossed on the kitchen counter every night when I get home. Seeing your awesome solution makes me feel like a failure at life. πŸ™‚

  4. So cute! Dont suppose you would take orders to do more? Yes, Im serious! Give it some thought! These would make great housewarming gifts / bridal shower / wedding gifts!

  5. OMG that is the cutest thing. EVER! When do you start taking orders?? I would love one!!!

  6. Oh, that is seriously adorable! (and I see others were thinking the same thing I was about selling those, or other similar things… the possibilities are endless)

  7. That has got to be the cutest keyrack I’ve ever, ever seen. Seriously, if Mr. Darcy weren’t busy with his new awesome job, he could market those! (With other people’s faces, of course.)

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