Bedtime Hijinx

“Is that a doll? Where did it come from?”

“It’s been on the shelf above your head since before you moved in, Mr. Observant.”

“Really? Hmm. Dolls creep me out.”

“Right. It’s going to come alive and EAT YOUR FACE OFF.”

He gives me A Look and leaves the room to go to the bathroom.

I promptly get up and put the doll on his nightstand.


We are lying in bed chatting. Dottie is running around being a maniac.

“Where is she?”

“She’s hiding under the . . . window carpets.”

“Uh, the what?!”

“. . .  (thinking). . .The drapes!”

“You mean the CURTAINS?”

“Yes, those things.”

I grab my phone.

“This is going to be tweeted, huh?”

Of course it is.


This is how we love each other.


9 thoughts on “Bedtime Hijinx

  1. I had a mangled Barbie doll that I used to terrify my sister with (when she least expected it, during her dozing hours). Muahahaha. And now I’ll totally use the window carpets term…

  2. Window carpets… that’s awesome.

    And dolls are pretty creepy. Especially those little clown dolls. Poltergeist ruined them for me.

  3. i can totally relate to this fear. I watched too many doll related horror movies growing up, and spent many a night screaming for my mom while thinking if i fell asleep, my dolls would come alive and gnaw a hole in my neck!!!

    window carpets…this may just catch on..

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