Fashion Forward, Take 1

A couple of people, including my friend Kim over at Kilax, have suggested I do some fashion-related posts which I will hopefully do a better job of in the future. Here’s a start.

I got this dress at Old Navy. It’s basically a housecoat but I belted it because, newsflash, housecoats aren’t flattering. As you can see, it has pockets. Dresses with pockets = Win (in my book). The yellow belt is most likely thrifted. I like that the dress is colorful and I could change out the belts I pair with it. The boots are from Target which I bought on a whim a year ago. I had never owned shoes like this before but now I have to take them into the cobbler to get repaired- I’ve worn them down from wearing them 4 times a week (understatement). I could dress this up with some yellow wedges or some blue flats. The shoe options are pretty endless and because of the colors in the dress, I can easily pull a variety of colors into my accessories. Score!

For me, dresses are simply easy, flattering, and lend variety to my wardrobe. I am drawn to   dresses that I can make unique with the accessories I pair with it. I probably only wear pants once a week if you’re not including the many hours I spend in my work out clothes. I find that as a short, curvy woman my legs are better shown off in a right-below-the-knee skirt than pants. I have had a life-long battle with hating my flat butt. Pants just seem to emphasize that sad fact. Belts are a recent addition to my wardrobe but now I am addicted. I think cinching at the smallest part of my body draws the eye there and is far more flattering than wearing a loose shirt that hides my curves. Besides, I have an, uh, ample chest, so if I don’t wear something that shows my smaller waist I tend to look as big as my biggest area (my rack) which is not a look I am going for. I am drawn towards big earrings since I have very little hair. I like how they draw the eye to my neck and face.

My advice to those of you seeking wardrobe inspiration is to try something on that might be out of your comfort zone and see how it looks on you. YOU HAVE TO TRY THINGS ON. If it doesn’t fit right, it’s not your body’s fault. Try a different size or style. If you’re clueless about fashion or feel you are in a rut, take a friend who enjoys that sort of thing or whose style you admire, and listen to their advice. It can be hard to change how you view yourself but it can also be life changing. The number one thing that makes a person attractive? Confidence. We’ll talk more about that in my next fashion-related post. Stay tuned!

Speaking of confidence-

It’s hard to convey with this split photo but I have done it again, chopped my hair into a pixie. Sometimes I shock myself when I look in the mirror- “Whoa! Where did my hair go?”– but for the most part, I like it. I don’t know what it is but when my hair is super short I feel really bad ass.


23 thoughts on “Fashion Forward, Take 1

  1. When your hair is super short, you LOOK bad ass. =)

    Love the dress, belt, boots combo. Soooo cute. I wore a skirt today and I swore to myself I wouldn’t wear one again until I lose more weight. I don’t like my thighs sticking together. Owieeeeee!

  2. It’s so great you’re doing this– I look up to you and your fashion-ness. 🙂 And I love boots with dresses. I think I’ll do that this week.

  3. Yeay fashion post! Adorable outfit (and hair).
    I need help getting the belt thing down. I have some cute ones, but often when I wear them, I feel like they’re digging into me or bugging me all day. Can you come down to LA and do a beltervention with me? 🙂

  4. Ooo, I love this post, of course. Thanks for your input! I think I need to step outside of my comfort zone like you said. I never would have bought that purple dress I wore to my brother’s wedding, but my friend suggested it and I got so many compliments!

    And I LOVE that dress. Awesome outfit. I need to find some dresses. I get really excited when they have pockets too. I am not sure why, because the only thing I might ever put in them is my phone. I still get excited though.

    And you do look totally badass with short hair!!!

  5. You totally look bad ass. And it suits you well 🙂
    I love dresses with boots, and flowery dresses with cowboy boots are so cute. You’re rocking it girl!

  6. 1. I love your pixie cut. Always and forever.
    2. I love that you’re doing some fashion posts, weee!
    3. You always have the cutest belts.
    4. True story: When I went to buy a belt for my brand! new! yellow! dress! this past Friday, I thought to myself, “Self. Would Sizz endorse this belt?” And when the answer was a whole-hearted, “Heck yes!” and the belt was $20, I totally bought one.

  7. You look so pretty! I love the hair, and I love that you are going to do fashion posts. I am lacking in that area and since you dont live close enough to actually go shopping with me, this is the next best thing!

  8. I heart old navy!!!

    Cuuuuuute hair! I wish i had the balls to chop mine off, it gets caught in my armpits, which isn’t the least bit fun.

  9. love the dress! love the boots! LOVE love the cheeky yellow belt! but most of all love the pixie! I always feel better when my hair is shorter, too…and, since I’m turning thirty-harumph (=closer to 40 than I’d like), I dyed the top of my pixie platinum. It’s a terror to wake up to (homicidal bedhead! flock of seagulls! GAH!), but boy, is it fun!

  10. You rock the short hair.

    I need to shop with a friend that actually likes shopping. And fashion. And knows how to accessorize.

    This is probably why my sister tried to get me on What Not to Wear.

  11. Love the hair. Love the dress. I saw a little light cotton denim coloured button up dress like that recently and I think that your post has convinced me to treat myself! =) Thanks!

  12. You couldn’t be cuter! Love the dress, and a pixie cut is my secret dream haircut 🙂 I’m not quite brave enough yet, but someday I will be! Gorgeous, girlie!

  13. I totally agree: trying things on that are out of your comfort zone can actually be really fun 🙂 I was always a trousers-girl and felt so over-dressed whenever I was in a dress or skirt but I forced myself to try some and I actually fell in love. I’m always in dresses now 😀

  14. You are the cutest! And ALWAYS look amazing.

    I love dresses too, not because I’m wee like you, but because pants do not flatter my thighs. 🙂

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