On the Vessel*

Mr. Darcy and I had a lovely jaunt to Friday Harbor. We set out early with a bagel for him and an egg sandwich for me and two very large iced teas. The road was free & clear because we were driving away from all the action in town (Rock ‘n Roll Marathon and Gay Pride). We made it to the ferry in plenty of time though met a crushing blow when the toll booth operator said, “That will be $65.35, please.”


Yep, that’s what it costs to take one vehicle (driver included ) and one passenger on the ferry boat. We kind of looked at each other wide-eyed and were like, “well, we’re here and it’s vacation (of sorts).” SHRUG. GULP. We eventually loaded onto the ferry and made our way to the upper deck to the gally (is that what that area is called?) to buy a snack. TIP: Bring your own snacks because FACT: the food on the ferry is not good. Dried out pretzel anyone? By all means if you’re in the market for some stale m & m’s stop on in!

We stepped out to the deck and a gust of wind lifted the skirt of my dress and I subsequently gave anyone and everyone who might be looking a free show. Nice argyle patterned panties, Sizz. I took it in stride, tucked my skirt between my thighs and snapped a few photos. Because I’m a trooper like that.

Here's us out on the ferry deck. Not pictured: my argyle underwear. (You're welcome.)

There were wild children everywhere. It was a bit overwhelming but not as annoying as the family seated behind us having really inane conversations that I wished I could stop eavesdropping on. Mr. Darcy swears he heard the older lady say, “Oh didn’t I tell you that story? How one year we found a can of cranberries in our pantry and then after that, every year, we have cranberries with Thanksgiving dinner?” His response: “THAT IS NOT A STORY, LADY! Everyone has cranberries with Thanksgiving dinner! YOU ARE BORING.” You see why we are together. TIP: Please try having interesting conversations that we can overhear.

Well hello, Friday Habor's harbor.

We arrived at Friday Harbor in plenty of time to find some food and wander around. The weather was magnificent sunny and breezy- and the view could not be beat. There isn’t much going on in the town itself- a lot of little shops and restaurants and places to sign up for a whale watching, kayaking or boat tour. We had mediocre burgers and forgetful servers at the Blue Water Bar & Grill (take a pass on that one). We drove up to our motel and it was just a few blocks from the harbor. TIP: You don’t need a car in Friday Harbor. FACT: It will save you at least $50 if you walk onto the ferry.

The motel was nice and offered us an alternative mode of transportation. I insisted that we wear helmets because I am a killjoy like that. I’m rather fond of my brains and Mr.Darcy’s. Besides, he hadn’t ridden a bike in about 15+ years!

FACT: Beach Cruisers are hard to ride uphill.

I am used to a ten speed bike. These bikes, while rating very high in the retro cool factor, were excruciatingly uncomfortable on our, uh, parts. Something about the tilt of the seats make it painful to sit on them despite trying to adjust them. We manned up with our manly helmets on and took the streets. TIP: Beach cruisers are more fun to ride if you are A) in great shape and B) on flat land. FACT: Friday Harbor is basically one big hill. We rode a bit and found a lovely bench to kill time on so that we could fool the front desk people at the motel into thinking we actually rode the entire time we were gone. (We did not. Shhh!) This was our view:

Not a bad place to kill some time, am I right?

Here’s a little sexy for you:

FACT: Bike helmets are not sexy. But sexier than brains on the pavement.

(Mr. Darcy refuses to allow me to post a photo of him in a bike helmet. He says it makes his melon head look even bigger.)

We decided dinner was in order and after some Yelp research decided to eat at the Backdoor Kitchen. They were rated 4.5 stars and while the price seemed steep we figured we might as well just go for it. Everything is more expensive on the island since it has to be shipped in. (Or at least that’s the lie they are telling all the tourists.) (Kidding, that’s really a fact.) We walked to the restaurant only to discover that the same rowdy group of people that were disturbing the peace at the motel were there taking over half the patio dining area. Great! We found the service friendly but sporadic. The children of the rowdy group were running amok and unattended. One girl practically fell out of the bushes by our table. Yes, I am being one of those childless, judgy people but listen, you know I love kids, I just don’t approve of kids running around screaming with no adult supervision (they were busy drinking) at a 4.5 star, $$$ restaurant. The food was sadly mediocre and rather flavorless. Mr. Darcy’s cream sauce was bland. My lamb, while cooked well, wasn’t very seasoned and the sides were just so-so. We made the best of it but definitely didn’t feel the price of the bill was in line with the quality of the food.

(Here is where I discover that the second half of my post didn’t save when I originally wrote it and I check the clock realizing I don’t have time to rewrite it. DAMN IT!)

Here’s some other shots that capture the trip:

I'm on a boat! (self-portrait, of course)

Mr. Darcy's first ferry ride.

Robes were really big in the '80's.

Side note: The hotel came with robes. Mr. Darcy put one on saying, “Robes were really big in the ’80’s. My whole family used to wear them.” I inquired if he wore pjs with the robe and he responded indignantly, “OF COURSE I WORE PAJAMAS!” as if I had accused his family of being a pack of nudists.

Besides wearing robes, Mr. Darcy is great at napping. Here he is napping in style on the ferry ride home:

Hobo nap!

And of course, it’s not fun in the sun or a vacation until you have enjoyed an ice cream cone.

Best "meal" I had on the island. It was peanut butter with chocolate swirl- reminded me of my childhood.

And there you have it!

*I kept referring to the ferry as a vessel because Mr. Darcy was making fun of how I pronounce ferry. Yes, there will be a video post about this soon.


23 thoughts on “On the Vessel*

  1. Sounds like all the saucy chefs and waitstaff headed to Seattle for Pride Weekend. Sigh. Sorry your meals were rather dull. But, those views. The views! Oh, my! And funny enough, when I saw that photo of the beach cruisers, my first thought was, I could’ve sworn the San Juan Islands were super hilly (I spent a summer in Seattle and we had some challenging bike rides through the islands). Also, bike helmets are way cuter than brains on an operating table, too (says the wife of a neurosurgical specialist murse!!!!). =) Despite some of the downers, I’m guessing your weekend was way more peaceful than it would’ve been if you had stayed home. Mission accomplished!

  2. Makes me want to go and visit the lovely area of WA! And your pic of Darcy in his robe? Sort of makes me want my own Mr. Darcy πŸ™‚ Love your blog!

  3. first off: your hair looks SO SUPER ADORBS – that last picture especially!

    next: despite the.. um.. challenges? it sounds like a pretty sweet getaway weekend. makes me want to take a weekend like that!

  4. You two just look so perfect together…and ummm, just out of curiosity, how do you mispronounce ferry?

  5. I now need to hear you pronounce the word ferry.

    I don’t think expecting people to use manners and behave properly for the environment they are in makes you a childless judgy person. Or else I am one too…but with kids. I would kill my kids if they acted like that and they know it and never would. In fact, my 7 year old just corrected my mother in law when we were out once because she was “not using polite restaurant manners”. I almost died of embarrassment and from laughing and trying not to show it, but he was right.

  6. So did it rain diamonds and pearls while you were on that ferry ride? Just asking because of the $65 price.

    The view is GORGEOUS though. Completely worth it. πŸ™‚

  7. It looks like a WONDERFUL weekend. Also? I want to go to there. After Cannon Beach.

    And that photo of you with the helmet is ADORABLE.

  8. Peanut butter with chocolate swirl was my favorite growing up!!!! Mmmmmmm, delicious!!! And here’s to more weekend getaways!

  9. That picture of Mr. Darcy in the robe is seriously classic. He looks like a dirty professor who’s going to put the moves on you. πŸ™‚

    And I love that you have argyle underwear! I want some!

  10. Sounds wonderful πŸ™‚ And I AM jealous just like you said we would be πŸ˜‰

    Ah God, I hate rowdy, unattended children too! What the heck are the parents’ playing at? Mine will be well-behaved or he’ll have me or his father to answer to πŸ˜‰

  11. I, as you may know, feel the same about kids: Love them, dislike the parents that allow them to act like wild animals. It looks like a great time, in spite of spicy children and bland foods. Thanks for making me smile. πŸ™‚

  12. well, 65 might be worth it to me, for the best peanut butter chocolate swirl ice cream. you cant put a price tag on good ice cream! Just like, its totally worth it to drive 50 miles for the best pizza, or 10 miles to the closest starbucks.

  13. So fun to hear about (and see) your weekend away! I’ve never made it to the San Juans, but your post made me move it up the list of places to go.

    xoxo! See you soon πŸ™‚

  14. I am well aware I’m not into current fashion trends, but to prove it: I own four robes. A light short one for hot mornings, a light long one for warm morning, a terry cloth one for most of the time, and a ridiculously heavy one I never wear. And no, I do NOT wear pajamas under any of them.

  15. I love your photo captions. Especially “Well hello Friday Harbor’s harbor” and “Hobo nap!” Haha.

    Also, I forever agree with brains in helmets being sexier than brains on (drugs, yes! and) pavements.

  16. I love that you rode the bikes around! But not that they hurt! Ouch! Nothing worse than an uncomfortable bike seats. And sad that the ice cream was the best food you had! But it still sounds like you had a blast.

    I totally get annoyed when people are having boring/stupid conversations too. It’s hard not to listen in!

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