Things that make me go GRRRR.

I finally own my car. This fact does not make me go “GRRR” but rather “yay!” and yet the bank only sent me a letter saying I had paid off my loan and not the release of the lien paperwork which I apparently need which I learned about AFTER I STOOD IN LINE at the licensing office.  So I had to call the bank and after listening to their lengthy recording, I pushed any and all buttons until I was given a live person because there was not an option for “PRESS 4 IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RIP US A NEW ONE”.

Now I have to wait for them to fax me the release which can take a minimum of 48 hours and meanwhile I am driving with expired tags because the computer at the licensing office told the lady behind the counter with the bad teeth and frizzy hair and cheap jewelry that she couldn’t renew my tabs since technically my car title is still in my bank’s name in California. Really!? THIS IS INCONVENIENT. And, seriously, who the hell faxes as a trusted mode of transferring information still? IT IS CALLED EMAIL, PEOPLE.


I got an annoyed email from a tenant who was rightly upset. He came home to a gaping hole in his ceiling and dirty floors and his stuff strewn about. Apparently the plumbers who were called to fix the unit above his needed to access the problem in his bathroom ceiling but NO ONE TOLD ME so, in turn, no one told him. I apologized profusely and forwarded his email to my landlords basically asking WTF. Turns out my landlord was called about it but did not think telling me was necessary. I BEG TO DIFFER.

I work really hard to establish trust with my tenants. When they trust and respect me, things go a lot smoother around here. Rent gets paid on time. Complaints are minimal. The building almost operates itself. Hence why I hardly ever post about problem tenants- I rarely have issues anymore (knock on wood!). So this? This pisses me off. At least my landlord has apologized for not informing me but it damages my relationship with the tenant. Don’t fuck with my reputation, man! And why the fuck can’t the plumbers put those plastic covers on their shoes? Every single tenant that has them enter their apartment complains of this.


On top of all that, I feel like maybe it’s time for me to think about moving on from my job. It’s a seed of an idea that’s blooming inside me. I’m not sure what to do, where to look, how I want to proceed so I’m just sort of watering the thought and trying not to freak out. Next month marks five years at the same agency and I feel like maybe I’ve reached a place of stagnation.

What’s making you go GRRR?


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  1. Ok, the car BS would deeeeeefinitely make me irritated. Actually just hearing that you paid off your car made me feel residual GRRR because 3 years ago, with only 2 payments left on my car, a jerk hit me and totaled it. VERY INOPPORTUNE TIMING, SIR. I mean, not that there is really ever a good time to have your car totaled, but you know…

    So hey, at least you are there, Congrats! That’s amazing!

    As for the job situation — I love the phrase “water the thought.” Do it. Meditate on it. I found this post super helpful when I was doing the exact same thing recently:

    It helped me get some clarity, which is always nice 🙂 Best of luck!

  2. That plumbing situation would INFURIATE THE SHIT OUT OF ME. Holy hell.

    Things that make me go grrr? My cat meowing incessantly in the middle of the night because he wants to play.

  3. Why can’t it ever be a simple “oh here you go! here are the papers you need!” No fuss, no muss. I still get people who ask me for faxes. I tell them it’s not possible because I don’t have access to one (maybe a lie) and so they have to scan and email it to me. Shh don’t tell anyone I said that! I hope you get the papers you need soon though for your car. How annoying.

    I think I’ve hit a ceiling with my job, but I know if I move on to another organization it’s going to be the same stuff, just different material and slightly different people. Still unsure of what I wanted to do.

    I know you’ve mentioned before about wedding planning? Or other sorts of planning? Maybe start your own business?

  4. I had a student go into psychiatric care this year, and the HOSPITAL only wanted to send release of information and records by fax. My building doesn’t have a fax. We’re scan to email only. They wouldn’t email: only fax to another school that then scanned and sent to us. This was considered safer than scanning to me directly. Um, what? I feel your pain.
    As for things that make me go Grrr, currently it’s just road construction. I spent waaaaaay too long in the car yesterday.

  5. My weight. This morning I noticed a picture of me of Facebook in which my eyes are squinty and the angle makes me look like a fat cow. I thanked god I wasn’t tagged in the photo hoping it would disappear into the internet ether in a few days. Well I returned from lunch to find a well meaning friend tagged me. I quickly untagged myself and sent an email to my friend explaining my position on the photo. Of course because my friend is sweet, she replied with sweet words about the photo not being “that bad”. I am horrified that might really look like that in person. If so, I am going on a diet when I return from my vacation.

  6. In our building, the maintenance guy will totally know what the problem is that he is coming for, however, he never seems to be able to bring everything he needs to finish the job. My bathroom ceiling was leaking from the pipes above. It took two and half months over five or six visits to patch and paint the two foot square hole that he left for two weeks. On top of that, he makes a mess everytime and doesn’t clean up after himself, so I have to clean up his shit. That makes me say Grrr!

  7. Things that make me grrrr first thing in the AM: when the shower curtain insists on blowing inwards and on to me. Grrrrr. While I am trying to shave my legs. Double Grrrr.

  8. I’m totally GRRRing with you on the job front. Mine is wearing me down lately. Exhausting me. But damn that mortgage I signed up for…makes leaving a little less easy.

    I look forward to hearing about your plans – and potentially living vicariously through you!! Are you still thinking about wedding coordinating, by the way?

  9. GRRRRRRR! It feels so good to do that out loud, doesn’t it? Things that make me GRRR lately are chronic health issues that make my doctor scratch his head and basically tell me he doesn’t know what else he can do for me and having so few hours of free time and being to tired to do anything fun with them!

  10. Braxton Hicks contractions are making me go grrrrrr 😉

    I totally hate shitty customer service – it’s the one thing that is guaranteed to rile me up immediately! I hope they get the paperwork to you.

  11. I was pretty peeved at people bugging me for photos of my brother’s wedding THE NEXT DAY, but the few I posted seem to have calmed them down. For now.

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