On Saturday my sister and I finally got to practice yoga together- outside in the glorious sunshine and for a good cause. All proceeds benefited City of Hope, an independent biomedical research, treatment and education institution that is working to conquer cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and other life-threatening illnesses.

My sister is very bendy and lithe. She can backbend and handstand and I’m in awe of her yogi-prowess. I, on the other hand, amble through well enough but often have to modify poses due to my bum knees and ample chest. There were these volunteer helpers wandering around during the 90 minute class offering adjustments to poses for attendees. I was down in child’s pose when a lady with a very decorative hat (covered in pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness) leaned down and asked, “Can I help you go deeper into the stretch?” to which I answered something like, “I have a lot of stuff (gesturing to my belly and breasts) here so unless you can make it go away, I don’t think so.” Because seriously, I can only go so deep into certain poses because my body is not a typical yogi’s body and there is STUFF that blocks my twists and bends. Sigh.

Dokey the bendy babe

Nothing but blue skies do I see

The day was so beautiful that Mr. Darcy and I decided to amble over to a park near our place to watch some Shakespeare. Sadly, we could not hear many of the actors (hello! projection!) and so I ended up people watching and he read his book.

Shakespearean picnic-style self-portraiture

We want a dog so much! This one stole my heart, especially when s/he barked while the audience clapped for the performers.

We wandered around our neighborhood grabbing dinner and checking out the bookstore.

Mr. Darcy browsing books

It was, all in all, a really lovely day.

And the next day I got to cross off Neko Case from my list of Performers I Must See Live. She is, hand’s down, one of my all time favorite musicians. Get her and Glen Hansard together in a show and I would probably lose my ever-loving mind. She sang all of my favorites (except all her songs are my favorite). I loved every second of it.

Two of my favorites on one marquee (Adele & Neko, to clarify, in case you thought I was a fan of The Wiggles)

Here’s one of my favorites of hers, “I Wish I Was the Moon”, a song about her father. Before she sang it on stage, she joked that the song will be used in some vampire show/movie during a sex scene. True story.


9 thoughts on “Pictorial

  1. So glad you had such a lovely weekend. I am seriously so smitten with this summer right now. In deep smit over here. For more than one reason. Ahem.

    Also! These pictures are some of my all-time favorite of all your phone/Instagram shots. So very lovely. Like your face.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I LOVE Neko Case too. I saw her live a couple of times with The New Pornographers (another fave!), but not solo. Must have been AMAZING!

  3. i wish we’d finally get summer here. we’ve had the most crappy and grey weeks and it’s depressing. also, i want a dog so bad, too. unfortunately my boss doesn’t like the idea of an “agency dog” that i pitched to him a while ago and i just can’t get a dog and be gone 9 hours+ a day *sigh*

  4. That sounds like such a great weekend. I love sunny weekends, getting out in the fresh air and just enjoying life 🙂

    Oh you should definitely get a dog! I have a Pug and as much as she totally rules my life I wouldn’t be without her. She’s my baby 😉 Of course, I’m not saying I reccommend a Pug cos they are terribly needy and naughty hehe.

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