My sister, my heart.

When I think about my sister, my heart swells.

There is no other person who has walked through life with me, side by side, like she has. Through every thick and thin. Every low and high. Every ebb and flow. Every tear and belly laugh. We’ve been together.

I love no one in the world like I love my little sister.

Today she turns 36 and I pause to wonder where the time went. Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was telling her to leave me alone because I was too busy reading to play with her? Wasn’t it just a few years ago that we would choreograph synchronized swimming routines in the pool to Whitney Houston songs? Wasn’t it just the other day that we lived in that beach house in Santa Cruz? The one with the closet that had the secret door that connected her room to mine? Wasn’t it a little while ago that I held her hand as she brought Finn into the world?

Time sure does fly.

In the past couple years she has been through a lot and has grown in ways maybe even she didn’t realize were possible for her. I see how she’s deepened into a more solid sense of who she is and I am proud of her. It’s no small feat to change your life, to admit to yourself that you want something different, that you want to BE different and then strive for it.

I wish for her every happiness and for the pockets of struggle and the opportunity to break down walls within her, for laughter till she cries and smiles so frequent they leave their mark around the eyes, for peace and comfort and deep knowing, for adventure and thrill and little moments of wonder. For so much love her heart near bursts.

Happy birthday, Dokey- my sister, my heart.

I love you.



25 thoughts on “My sister, my heart.

  1. I loved this. I feel very strongly about my (fraternal twin) sister as well and I can relate to the deep feelings.

    Happy birthday to her!

  2. I hope I have multiple girls so that they may know the ups and downs and all of the awesomeness associated with being a sister and having a sister. Happy Birthday Dokey!

  3. I grew up with only brothers, but always wanted a sister, so I could have stories like this to share with her. Now that I have 2 daughters and already see the bond and love they have for each other, it warms my heart to know that one day, one of them may be writing this exact thing about their sister. Happy birthday to your beautiful sister!

  4. I feel this way about my brother, I love him so much. He is so dear to me. But, he doesn’t feel the same way about me. It breaks my heart. He never wants me to be around him, he doesn’t want to let me in.

    What you wrote about your sister was so touching.

  5. nothing like a sister! A best friend who also gets all your family drama! I sure never thought I’d say that when she was busy locking me in my room, tormenting me, and hiding my toys growing up!

  6. Indeed, I am crazy lucky to have you as my sister! Thanks for this beautiful post, your steady support & for celebrating another birthday by my side. I love you to pieces! xoxo

  7. Adorable 🙂 I’m super close with my sister too and the way you speak about Dokey always reminds me of how we are together 🙂

  8. aww, beautiful. happy b-day sizzle’s sis 🙂 i sometimes wish i had a closer relationship with my sister but we’re just too different. luckily i have super close friends of 20+ years which is pretty much like having sisters.

  9. I knew this was going to make me cry. KNEW it.

    Sisters are such a gift. I don’t know where I would be without mine, honestly.

    (And Happy! (slightly belated) Day of Cake to your sis.)

  10. Cherish Dokey. My sis who lives near you in Seattle and I do not see eye to eye. On anything. Today is my 44th birthday and in the car with my mom to one of our favorite places to shop, I asked if it was okay that after she passes away, if it’ll be okay if I don’t ever speak to my sister again. She gave me her blessing. I envy your relationship with yours. Always treasure her. Forever.

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