Before the Internet

I’ve been on a tear the past few days, going through old photos and scanning them. If you’re a friend on Facebook than this is old news to you but I thought I’d share a few here with more back story.

Floating with my dad.

I am not sure where we are but it could be Lake Almanor. We used to stay at the PG & E cabins there in the summer and the winter. (My dad worked for that company for over 25 years.)

Mother and daughter sweetness.

That’s me in pig tails and overalls and my mom looking hot in a halter top. Anyone recognize the game we are playing? I don’t.

Beach time!

Growing up, my family spent a lot of time at the beach. There are countless photos of us having picnics or playing in the sand.

My beautiful mother in her 20's & a very young Sizzle.

My sister looks a lot like my mom.

I still make that face (me on the right).

Doke claims I even made that same face this past weekend. Mr. Darcy concurs- I make that face frequently. And that’s little Dokey there who Finn definitely resembles.

Disneyland Trip circa 1980's.

That’s me on the left, a tween (maybe the only time in my life I didn’t have a big rack), my sister who will likely kill me for putting that dorky photo of her up and our dad in his shades that are now back in style. We used to go to Disneyland in the spring for a family trip. I have really good memories of those times.

My college graduation from UCSC with James Dean and Tomato.

Every time I look at this photo, I laugh. James Dean’s pomp is so big! And Tomato is wearing a MOCK TURTLENECK and blazer. And I am so blonde and thin. Ha ha. I can’t remember what year I graduated. I was dating James Dean then so I must have been 23 which would make it 1996.

A couple old friends, my sis in the blue knit hat and me driving my VW Super Beetle.

I loved that car. LOVED. It was metallic burgundy with a white top and interior that would later begin to sag when the top was up so that anyone sitting in the car that was over 5’3″ might have it resting on top of their head. But man, when it was sunny and the top was down, there were good times in that car. I distinctly remember driving over Highway 17, the top down, music blaring, good friends in tow, and the sea salt air hitting me as we hit the crest and headed down into Scotts Valley.

My 23rd birthday was celebrated with my mom, sis, Tomato and James Dean at the Shadowbrook Restaurant (a fancy joint in Capitola, CA). Here are me and my sister, posing.

This was during my “Sharon Stone” phase. And someone commented on Facebook that my sister resembles Ellen Page here. She used to look like the lead singer of Garbage, Shirley Manson, before she was the lead singer of Garbage and was in a band called Angelfish (anyone remember them?). Once we were at an Angelfish concert, right up front near the stage, and Shirley herself did a bit of a double take when she glimpsed my sister.

We had a dress up party for Dokey's 21st birthday. That's my childhood house's backyard where many a party was thrown. Me at 23 and Tomato at 22.

It feels like so many of these snapshots happened mere days ago and yet, here I am, 38 years old.


24 thoughts on “Before the Internet

  1. Just so we are clear, there is nothing MOCK about that turtleneck… it is 100% the real deal… and are you sure that isn’t 1995? Maybe it is 96. I hate our memory.

  2. Jealous. My dad worked for the same company for 28 years but we never went to any of the cabins.

    Also it’s strange to see you as a blonde.

  3. Kevin- The earlier photos where my hair is a light brown is my natural-ish color. I started using sun in when I was 14 once my hair went to mouse-y brown. Then when I was 18 I dyed my hair burgundy much to my mother’s dismay. The blonde came out of a hair mishap. Tomato was “highlighting” my hair with one of those frosting caps and it went terribly wrong. Like I looked like a calico cat wrong. So I bleached it out and then I kind of liked it so I kept it that way for about 2 years.

  4. I totally loved that blonde look with the red dress!!!
    It’s great to see photos from the past! Thanks for sharing them here!

  5. girl, you rock dark brown AND super blonde? you are my hair hero. thanks for sharing – these are fan-dam-tastic!

  6. Great photos! I don’t have that many between being the 2nd child and being really self conscious in my tween/teen years. My parents just stopped taking them.

  7. These are all amazing. Seriously. And I love getting to read the backstories with them, too. You are a lovely soul, friend. That shines through every single photograph, both now and then.

  8. Love these! I looked through them on Facebook 🙂

    I could sit and look at old pictures for hours. It’s so much fun to reminisce and cringe at past hairdos.

  9. I haven’t been on FB in awhile, so I am so glad you posted these here! It was fun to see you at different stages. Plus, I don’t think I’d seen a photo of your dad before. The college graduation one cracked me up (mock turtleneck, HA!) and I think you’ve solidified that you totally rock short hair!

  10. Oh man, do I love the 90s makeup in these photos!!! Seriously. So cute. Very Reality Bites. Also, your mom looks like Katie Holmes in the photo of her holding you. You were such a cute baby!!

  11. I love walking down memory lane, and those are some very gorgeous photos! I envy that you can pull off the short (and blonde!) hair with the bold lipstick – beautiful!

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