Where I am at.

I have a head cold and it’s super inconvenient because I also have vicious PMS along with too much work to do. Which means I can’t call out sick and stay in bed and sleep and actually get over this thing quickly. It means I am pushing pills down my throat, drinking copious cups of tea, and carting around bags under my eyes.

I have a fundraiser tomorrow which means today will be crazy with running around, attempting to think clearly with this foggy brain, and trying to bite my tongue so I don’t inadvertently make any enemies. Not to mention I have a tenant moving out today and a new one moving in this weekend which means scheduling painters, repairs, and doing the walk through. If she leaves piles of junk by the dumpster sohelpmegod I will lose my shit.

Deep breath (through my right nostril, since the left one is out of commission).


14 thoughts on “Where I am at.

  1. I just got over 3 weeks of pneumonia… so much for summer. I wish you smooth sailing into a healthier weekend!

  2. Ahhh. Feel better Sizzle!! (And this might sound really weird, but leaving half of a fresh onion on your nightstand before going to sleep helps with the congestion).

  3. You can so do this. One step at a time. Deep breaths. And maybe some bad jokes. (I’m here for those if ever you should need one.)

    Sending you mad love from here, always.

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