A List of Annoyances

Things That Are Frustrating Me: A List

I got a letter from a collection agency that stated I had failed to pay a bill from my insurance from 2009. I called them because I had no recollection of receiving said bill. The first time I called the receptionist informed me all the debt collectors were in a meeting and could I call back in an hour. I asked for a voice mail to which she “transferred” me back into the voice mail vortex where in I had to push a bunch of buttons only to be sent back to HER. So I hung up and called back later. When I finally spoke to someone she informed me that I had not paid a bill that had been sent to me three times. “To what address were these bills mailed because I have never received them?” To which she replied with my old address from four years ago. This is the same insurance company I CURRENTLY HAVE and yet they can’t seem to find my current address? I get mail from them! This is asinine. And I don’t want this debt collection to mar the good credit I have been building up since my bankruptcy filing nine years ago.

Now I get to call my insurance company and attempt to get them to remove me from debt collection. I will pay the bill but not the penalties.


I got mail from the California DMV and guess what? They sent back my application for a duplicate title and my check because they state: “Records show your vehicle is being registered out-of-state. That state has to issue your title” BUT GUESS WHAT? When I go to a Washington licensing agency (2x I’ve done this), they claim that their records show that California holds the title which is why I mailed them the forms and have been waiting for a month for a reply. It appears that California and Washington need to work on clarifying their communication. Meanwhile, I am driving around with expired tags hoping on a daily basis that I do not get ticketed.

So I get to call California DMV again and to visit another Washington licensing agency to try to get to the bottom of this. It’s very likely that I will be standing in line at the CA DMV next week when I am on vacation. That is absolutely not how I had planned to relax.



I have two kitchen cabinet doors that have broken glass. The landlords want me to use a different company than we usually use because they are cheaper. Which means I have to find time in my insane week to drive them out to White Center (south of where I live by the airport so about 20 minutes each way). The other company came to us which was a far cry more convenient for an apartment manager that has another job. Oh, and, the glass company is only open 8:30-5pm. Very inconvenient.


I am about a month behind on mailing out a save the date letter about a November fundraiser. First, you should know that I hate mailings. I prefer to get an email about something and not waste paper but I am dealing with a constituency of people who are not of my generation and respond to actual letters delivered by a mail carrier. A bunch of things have gotten in the way of it going out on time, some of which were not my fault, but yesterday it was all my fault.

We have this small note paper that is like mini-letterhead- the letter I am sending is being sent on that. After merging the document and testing to be sure it lined up correctly, I hit print and ran to the copier to manually feed the paper from the bypass tray. The mailing is 3,857 pieces. It took two hours of manually feeding it and hogging the office copier to complete it. I even had to snag a co-worker to help me so that I could sit in a two-hour meeting wherein I sat listening to my boss present our fiscal year fundraising plan and I was told I didn’t have to say  anything. Waste of time? I think you know my answer. (Meetings should only be an hour and they are a lot less boring if I am asked to contribute. I digress.)

So I have these letters and am trying to print out an insert that I can then cut and fold plus locating enough envelopes for the entire thing when I realize I should have just sent this damn thing to a mail house as it is WAY too big for me to turn around and get it in the mail within a couple of days. I will have to rope my co-workers into labeling and stuffing. It’s a nightmare. EXCEPT! It gets worse. Because I happened to glance at one of the printed letters and realized it merged with the a previous version of the letter not the most up-to-date one which means I HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER. It’s one sentence difference but that one sentence implies that the person receiving the letter had attended this event in the past and for half of these folks, that’s not true.

Oh and in between all this a co-worker I really like and admire gave her notice. Thursday is another friend/co-worker’s good-bye party before he moves to Los Angeles. Last week two  different awesome co-workers left the agency and a couple of my closest work pals are looking for new employment. It’s depressing and I am very sad about how the agency is changing and my friends are all leaving.

Add that to the mailing debacle and I was proclaiming that I should just quit. It was one of those days where it just seemed easier.


I haven’t fully pulled myself up by my boot straps today but I am up early and headed into the office to stand at the copier and print 3,857 mini-letters before my fellow employees come in and need the printer.

I have a headache.

I think I want to find a new job.

I need a vacation.

What’s annoying you?


22 thoughts on “A List of Annoyances

  1. That sounds so much like the Monday I had too. Maybe there was something in the air yesterday. All of those things really suck, and I hope you have a better day today.

    And seriously, what is it with insurance companies? I went through something similar with my previous agent. I called him, told him I’d moved and he went through and updated the location of my car and switched my renters insurance but didn’t update my mailing address, so I didn’t get a few bills either. Unfreakinbelievable.

  2. Well my Monday wasn’t a day in the park either. It might just be Mercury retrograde… unfortunately, it will be this way until the 26. Hang on there!

  3. I hope I didn’t add to your annoyances yesterday with my Debbie Downer comment on your last blog post! I kind of wanted to delete it after I re-read it.

    Anyway, about the mailing. I hear you! I have done many a mailing and they suck, but I’ve never done one quite that large. You should outsource that bitch and save yourself a headache. I know you’re probably under a budget constraint, but that’s really not a one person job. It takes a mailhouse more than one day to do that quantity of mailing!

    Hang in there. Hugs.

  4. God, I’m annoted on your behalf. That’s irritating shit.

    I’m currently pissed off at the copiers here at work. NIGHTMARES.

    P.S. I know you’re here for a family vacay but if there’s ANY FREE TIME I will totally drive to see you 🙂 Keep me posted. xo

  5. I just recieved a letter from a collection agency for hospital bills that I am pretty sure are my ex-husband’s. The problems arose from the fact that my children are covered under their dad’s insurance. When I took them to the urgent care for random stuff, they wanted to change his address to my address. I have told them multiple times “No- he does not live with me. We are divorced. The kids are just covered under his insurance. DO NOT CHANGE HIS ADDRESS TO MINE!”. So what do they do? Change his address to mine, and link us! I am betting that they did not have a current address for him, so, decided to send it to me instead. But, in doing so, they linked us, putting me as being responsible for his bill as well. OH HELL NO!

    When I tried to contact them about it, I was given an email address to send inquiries to. I did that, and am currently waiting to hear back. Oh, and that $3000 bill…. I’m not paying it. LOL

    There are so many more annoyances I could list… but I don’t want to hog up all your blogspace!

    Have a better day today!

  6. De-lurking because it has been two of those days for me too!!

    Driving to a work party yesterday spilled pasta salad all over my backseat (made mostly of Italian dressing and assorted spices). I have had my car two months and have spilled SO MANY THINGS and have had it shampooed SO MANY TIMES that it is a running joke now. Then, while cleaning out the backseat, left my cell phone on the trunk and drove off, cell phone is now destroyed. Went to Sprint to get a replacement (one store said I was eligible for an upgrade) and this store said I wasn’t ready for an upgrade and would have to pay the full price for the phone. Needless to say I am still phone less.

    Walked into work today wearing jean capris (always been ok) to an email about our new dress code (sent out after I left work yesterday) specifically stating jean capris were no longer ok to wear. Have to make a presentation in front of the whole office today, in said jean capris….

  7. Oh geez, I have experienced this same sort of printing nightmare, too, all in the name of saving a few dollars, but at what cost? My sanity, is what. We used to print multi-page saddle-stitched catalogs in-house, but the tray that catches the finished catalogs could only hold 13 at a time, which meant, I could only print that many at a time before having to go back to the printer, grab the stack of 13, and re-format the settings for another 13. We usually printed around 500 catalogs x 32 pages. Nightmare. Thankfully, they now send the job out, but of course, it doesn’t matter to me anymore, because I’m no longer responsible for that project.

  8. Oh, this is SO ANNOYING. Can you keep that letter about the duplicate title in your glove box so if you DO get pulled over you can show the cop that you are trying to get the situation resolved?

    Annoying me: trying to make work travel plans and dealing with bureaucratic delays that will end up costing ME money. Oh and also it took payroll a month to realize that I was back from maternity leave and even though that was MONTHS ago they STILL have not updated my vacation time to reflect the missing accruals from my first month back. GAH.

  9. I dealt with a similar debt-collection situation with AT&T. I PAID the bill they sent me to collections for and had the endorsed check to prove it. I started trying to solve the issue in January and, about 8 phone calls later, have still not received a refund check from AT&T even though they said they were issuing one. I frigging HATE AT&T.

    I’m also annoyed by people who can’t spell “loser” or “lose” and decide it needs an extra “o.”

    Oh – and in the last 2 weeks I’ve purchased 3 different hairbrushes to replace the one I’ve had for like 12 years – and I’ve had to take them all back because none work as well.

    Ugh I feel better.

  10. Let’s see…. I’m on vacation in 4 days and i can barely make it. I have turned into that crazy nagging wife person but the clutter, mess and complete disregard for roommate courtesy fills me with rage! I’ve lost 20# (great!) but why couldn’t I lose it BEFORE the wedding?! I need to possibly sell a kidney for extra money.

    Also, people who can’t merge in an appropriate,courteous andnon-aggressive way should be SHOT.

    That’s about it….

  11. Aw, girl. I think you need a vacation. 🙂

    I don’t have much to complain about other than that I have to go back to work tomorrow and I DON’T WANT TO. 🙂

  12. I believe the DMV=hell, no? I’m pretty sure it does.
    My health is really pissing me off as of late. Makes everything else in life seem a lot more manageable.
    Go on vacation, and leave your troubles behind for a couple of days. Trust me, it helps.

  13. I’m annoyed that my husband puts his socks in the shoe basket and then complains that he has no clean socks. I’m annoyed that my feelings get hurt so easily and I’m annoyed that I have to go to work every day.

  14. We received a collection notice years after the fact from a medical clinic that went out of business. Debt collectors were going back through the patient files and looking for anything to hit people up for, and using all kinds of threats to collect on money that was NOT owed.

    Luckily my husband SAVES EVERYTHING and was able to produce a statement, insurance EOB, cancelled check sent for payment, receipt showing paid in full for that supposed outstanding charge. But think of all the people who couldn’t!

    We ended up reporting this to the State for investigation, since they clearly had no right demanding money from us (and others), especially 5 years after the fact!

    Dispute loudly and aggressively! Chances are you already paid, and it’s their error.

  15. oh i just love red tape! i got a collection notice from my dr office. They never billed me. They billed insurance and I was never billed for the balance, a whopping 45 bucks. really? now, i have to work how long to get that off my credit? its all a scam. and crap like that makes your car insurance go up, marks on your credit.

    what is up with the rackett!!!???

  16. i’m ALSO fighting a stupid medical bill! mine’s only $20, but they keep sending me a bill for the copay for an office visit, AFTER I PAY IN PERSON AT THE OFFICE AS WELL.

    i also just found out that the CT scan an ENT ordered for my face is not covered by insurance, 3 weeks after the scan. awesome.

  17. I am annoyed as well. Hubs and I crunched the numbers over the weekend, and found that we would be better off if I was LAID OFF. When you make more on unemployment (less gas $, mileage and babysitting) than working full time…

    I am annoyed that the when management at work rec’d a 5% pay cut, they were given an extra day off to ‘compensate for the inconvenience’. Meanwhile, everyone ELSE in the office had sick days and personal days taken away, because the company ‘couldn’t afford’ to cover them any more. GRRR.

  18. I’d recommend putting the letters from the two states in your car. If you get pulled over by a cop, you can show him the documentation that you are trying to fix this problem and if he is nice hopefully he won’t write you a ticket for that. Good luck!

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