Photo Recap of a Beach Vacation

I’m back from vacation. And well, I’m taking another week off from work to recover from my vacation. That should tell you something, right? I, sadly, did not return rested or relaxed. But! Here are some highlights from the week away in photo form:

Our original impetus for traveling to California was to attend our family reunion. It was great seeing my extended family. I got choked up a few times-it'd just been too long since I'd seen them. This cake was made my talented cousins depicting our family tree. It was awesome!

After spending a couple days in the bay area, my family high-tailed it to Santa Cruz for 5 days at a beach house and some time at the ocean and Boardwalk. This was Mr. Darcy’s first visit to my old home town so I got to show him some of my old haunts like my thinking tree:

This was where I spent many an hour contemplating life while I resided in Santa Cruz. Everything falls into place when staring at the vastness of the ocean.

We spent time at the ocean with Finn whose enthusiasm for being in the waves was infectious. Even Mr. Darcy and I got in and got soaked. Spending time with him there was definitely a highlight.

Finn LOVED being in the water. The next day he spent it soaked and clinging to his Mom while screaming "THIS IS AWESOME!".

We visited the Boardwalk which was Finn’s first time riding rides. He was ecstatic. He even let me go on a kiddie roller coaster with him. He is fearless. Mr. Darcy is not a fan of roller coasters but let me drag him on the Giant Dipper because it’s the most awesomest ride EVER. He enjoyed the Log Ride though we were soaked and subsequently freezing for the rest of the night. And of course we had to get an obligatory chocolate dipped cone.

Mr. Darcy had to buy a sweatshirt at the Boardwalk because we were soaking wet. Santa Cruz REPRESENT!

I saw a few friends during the family trip.

I happily got to see my old book club friends for dinner. It'd been years since I'd seen them all and it was so good to catch up.

And James Dean and Natalie Wood joined us for some family time. Finn had quite a crush on Natalie. He has excellent taste.

If it were not for Rae Rae we wouldn't have had rides to and from the airport in her bitchin' Chevy rental car (her car got stolen and was found burned!). Besides, spending time with her just does my soul good.

(Not pictured: Bird who met us for dinner at my favorite restaurant.)

We got a lot of sun.

I got sunburned right along my bra line and on my right side butt. Very unfortunate places to get burned, let me tell you! (There are no photos of this. You are welcome.)

The house we rented had an amazing English garden. It also had the most uncomfortable, squeaky, rickety old double (!) bed that Mr. Darcy and I suffered in- meaning, we didn’t have a decent night’s sleep the entire time we were there. That sucked. But the rest of the house was really nice.

And this isn't the entire yard! Magnificent.

The trip was maybe a few days too long. At least, that’s what my back keeps telling me. I’ve never been so excited to sleep in my queen-sized bed. Mr. Darcy and I were happy to return home to the cats and our Seattle life. This place really is home now. But I will probably always miss this view:

And the sound of the waves crashing and the sea lions barking.


13 thoughts on “Photo Recap of a Beach Vacation

  1. the cake is amazing.
    finn is the cutest kid ever.
    beautiful santa cruz, i miss it too.
    welcome home, friend.

  2. welcome home. I always need a vacation from my vacations. Also? that pic of Finn that your sister took where he’s all in shock about something… loved it. Here’s to good night sleeps from here on!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the cake! That is pretty awesome. Glad you had such a good time! Now go get some rest. 🙂

  4. Love SC and the chocolate-dipped cones! A hallmark of my childhood summers … (also the Log Ride – memories!)

    Hope your week off gives you some well-deserved r&r after the whirlwind!

  5. I loved following your trip on IG. You look very happy and despite the lack of sleep, you look relaxed. I can’t wait for our upcoming beach holiday! I’m going to try to force myself to do as little as possible though.

  6. Santa Cruz always reminds me of the Lost Boys. I remember going there in 6th grade after I’d seen the movie and thinking the boardwalk was TOO cool.

    I love your thinking tree. I need one of those in Hollywood.

    Glad you’re happy to be back home. 🙂

  7. that is BRILLIANT to take a vacation after your vacation. i need double the amount of vacation time so that i can do this as well. but also still take as many trips as i currently do 😉

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