38 Reasons I Love Him

Today is Mr. Darcy’s birthday and in celebration of such a momentous occasion, I thought I’d make a list of 38 reasons why I love him (in no particular order).

  1. He is thoughtful and generous.
  2. He forgives.
  3. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh ALL THE TIME.
  4. He’s silly and lets me be silly. He actually likes it when I start dancing in public.
  5. He has a very strong character and lots of integrity.
  6. He is creative and a talented artist.
  7. He has a really cute dimple.
  8. His eye lashes are ridiculously long.
  9. He lets me make fun of him (and gives it right back).
  10. His friends like, respect, and care about him.
  11. My friends like, respect, and care about him.
  12. My nephew adores him.
  13. My Mom would probably disown me to adopt him.
  14. We travel well together.
  15. He watches the History and Military channel. I don’t get it but I think it’s cute.
  16. He gets really worked up when he talks about politics.
  17. He can’t tell the difference between “dad jeans” and “cool jeans”.
  18. He thinks pizza and a soda is a balanced meal.
  19. He makes the bed every morning.
  20. He misses the cats when we go on vacation.
  21. He’ll eat sushi with me even though it’s not his favorite.
  22. He calls his parents.
  23. He does the dishes and empties the dishwasher.
  24. He gets up to scoop Dash’s stinky poops when we are in the middle of watching a TV show, thus saving us both from death-by-stank.
  25. He is supportive and encouraging.
  26. He tries- whether it’s attempting to keep upright on a moving raft by balancing on the edge or tasting a new food or (most importantly) delving into emotional stuff in couple’s counseling, Mr. Darcy always tries.
  27. He is a very good sleeper. I hope when we have a baby s/he takes after him.
  28. He has pretty hazel eyes.
  29. He puts up with my crazy and sometimes even makes me lighten up.
  30. He gets on the ladder to change light bulbs in the building even though he’s afraid of heights.
  31. Even though he’s a homebody, he’ll go along with plans I make to socialize.
  32. He reads actual books.
  33. He can quote from movies like nobody’s business. Luckily we both can keep up with each other when it comes to Ghostbusters and Goonies.
  34. He treats me like a lady (even after I let out a huge belch).
  35. He is a very skilled relaxer.
  36. He’ll watch shows that I want to watch even though he thinks they are lame such as The Glee Project. Then he gets upset when his contestant isn’t picked. He claims he “gets invested”.
  37. He’s a good kisser.
  38. He’s got an adorable smile.

Mr. Darcy, you have my heart. I love you!

King Darcy: The Birthday Boy




24 thoughts on “38 Reasons I Love Him

  1. I’m pregnant so forgive my tears after reading this post!
    What a wonderful post Sizzle!!! You are so lucky to be with him and he’s so lucky to be with such a loving person like you.
    Happy birthday Mr Darcy!

  2. Oh, swoon! I have been married forever (to a similarly awesome guy), and must admit to downright ADORING your Mr. D. I’ve never met him, but I adore him anyway.

    The fact that TL publicly adores him speaks volumes. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Darcy. I hope that your day was wonderful.

  3. Can I just say that I love on #27 that you said WHEN we have kids, not IF. How awesome will that be? 🙂 Happy birthday, Mr. Darcy. (Yes, I’m late, sshh.)

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