There Was No Laboring

About 12 years ago, Supple and I came to Seattle on our first-ever visit wherein we fell in love with this city. We stayed with a friend of mine on Whidbey Island (Hi Jordahl!) and among other things we witnessed a lightning storm, went kayaking for the first time, explored downtown and one night ended up at a show of a Portland band we’d never heard of. It was an amazing show and we were instant fans. Fast-forward 12 years (because it certainly feels like time is on fast forward) and now we both are residents of the Emerald City and here we are at the show of this band, the one and only Pink Martini, that we saw so many years ago together. A lot has changed in those years but I’m grateful that my friendship with Supple has endured. She is a sister to me and I love her.

Bonus, Supple got us VIP tickets to the show thanks to her wine-related job. Free appetizers, desserts and wine plus roped off seating. VIP is the way to go. Thanks for taking me along for the star treatment, Supp!

Mr. Darcy and I went kayaking. It was his first time and he did a great job even when I was yelling at him, “WE NEED TO GO LEFT!” and he would yell back, “I AM TRYING!” He was in back which means he was in charge of the rudder (aka steering). I told him next time we could go in single kayaks instead of a double but he said no. He wants me in back so he can get a little payback. I don’t blame him.

We managed to arrive early enough to beat the rush. When we got back from our hour plus on the water the line to kayak was loooooong. We celebrated our victory (We didn’t get run over a boat! We managed to work as a team!) over cold beers in the hot sun with a side of tacos. If you’re a local, kayaking at Agua Verde is a lot of fun plus there are tacos after. Keep that in mind.

Gasworks Park is a pretty famous Seattle park. If you’ve seen the movie Singles then this view might be familiar to you. It’s popular to kite fliers (I wish we had my kite with us!) and picnickers. The view is amazing.

This photo is too dark to do it justice but the water was sparkling and the buildings across the way shimmered in the bright sunlight. We stopped there on our way home from kayaking to take in the vista. As we were sitting there, Mr. Darcy and I heard a little girl who was about 3 years old tell her Mom as she was rolling up the kite string, “I’ve got it!” over and over. Mr. Darcy laughed to himself and when I asked what was funny he said something like, “I hope we have a little girl and she’s just like you so I can watch you two go at it.” That little headstrong girl winding the kite string was a bit like me, I will admit it. But I don’t know if having a mini me will do anyone any good, especially Mr. Darcy.

Careful what you wish for, Mr. Darcy.

(And no, internet, we are not pregnant.)


14 thoughts on “There Was No Laboring

  1. 1. I love this post, and dear old friends.
    2. You and Mr. Darcy just keep getting cuter and cuter which is really quite ridiculous so just cut it out already, m’kay?
    3. Gasworks Park is one of my favorite views of Seattle, definitely.
    4. The last time I kayaked in Seattle two of my friends tipped their canoe over. Pretty amusing, canoe-tipping.

  2. I want to go kayaking so much! But it seems that whenever we get the extra money to go we end up spending it on me. (Not in the fun way either but more the oh crap so that book about Math WAS $300. That reminds me I have to textbook shopping soon.) Hopefully we will get out there soon. I haven’t been in six years and Vahid has never been and I know he’d love it so we need to go.

    You know who actually got me my first Pink Martini’s album? Vahid’s Mom. She’s the cutest.

    I’m glad you two are out enjoying yourselves. You guys are cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Awww! This post gave me goosebumps! What? I’m a sucker for sweet romance sometimes. SOMETIMES.

    Pretty awesome going to see Pink Martini with such a close friend! Sounds like you had an awesome time! And you deserve more!

  4. Cute cute picture there at the end!

    I saw Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl once and they were so much fun. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I’m very jealous of the kayaking too – even if it was in the wrong direction. ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. Lovely pictures of our beautiful city. This weekend was so wonderful! Agua Verde is great – I think I might have to go this weekend. It’s supposed to be nice again.

  6. Ooh, I love Pink Martini! If they played the venue I’m thinking they did, my brother has gotten the VIP treatment at shows a time or two there too – also thanks to his vaguely wine-related job. He never thinks of his favorite sister when those perks roll around though, so obviously he’s doing it wrong!

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