Frustration, Sadness, Disbelief

File under: Frustration

Yesterday on my way to work I got pulled over by a cop.

I was not more than 4 blocks from my apartment when I noticed the lights flashing behind me. It startled me because I’ve been hyper-vigilant about cops since this whole car registration fiasco. Just the other day a cop was driving up behind me and I turned off the street- a direct route to my home- just so he wouldn’t have time to investigate my plates. I felt like a fugitive for a few minutes. It also ended up taking me 10 minutes longer to get home that day.

So yesterday morning I must have not been in my A game because all of a sudden there he was. When I pulled over I almost drove up on the curb. I knew I hadn’t run a red light or been speeding. I had been using my phone but with my hands free device to leave a message for the window cleaner guy. I fumbled to throw my phone in my purse even though what I was doing was not illegal I suddenly felt like I was in trouble for everything. I grabbed my license, registration and insurance and the stack of papers I have as proof that I have been working on getting my title for months.

Months! I still do not have my title from the CA DMV which is preventing me from updating my tags. Which is making we drive around like a criminal. Which is pissing me off.

Luckily this officer was very nice. He was, in fact, pulling me over for expired tags and so I plunged into my explanation and handed over my wad of papers that indicated I had been doing my due diligence in the matter. He went back to his car to read over them and then returned a few minutes later with some tips on where to go to get better help in town on this matter (a place I had yet to try which was really helpful!) and he let me off with a written warning. I thanked him profusely and drove off with my heartbeat slowly returning to normal. I’ve heard that if you get pulled over with expired tags it’s considered a moving violation and can cost hundreds of dollars. No thanks! I just want this ordeal over with but I can’t seem to get the DMV to cooperate despite multiple calls and faxes. Their bureaucracy is totally ridiculous and antiquated.


File under: Sad

This is the last week I will be working with my best friend at the office. We started around the same time 5 years ago and she’s landed her dream job elsewhere. I am very happy for her as her friend and incredibly sad for me as her co-worker. It’s getting really lonely at my job. As I plan her good-bye parties (yes, plural) and write in her card I’m trying not to cry.


File under: Disbelief

Today is my nephew’s first day of Kindergarten.

Where did the time go? I swear it was just yesterday that he was a little tyke toddling around on little legs, easy to pick up and carry. Now he’s a Kid with a capital K. He’s not even my kid and yet I am so proud of him and my heart breaks a little at how time flies.

My sister sent me this photo at 8am this morning. The backpack. The crooked smile. Oh man he is adorable! (And yes, I cried when I saw it.)


16 thoughts on “Frustration, Sadness, Disbelief

  1. I hope you get the DMV thing figured out soon. That is just dumb that they suck so bad (although not unbelievable as sad as that is).

    That picture is so cute! Yay to school!

  2. I had that happen with my best work friend at my old job. Not to freak you out, but the job just was never the same. I was miserable until I left it for my current job.

    Glad the cop was cool.

  3. omg i can’t BELIEVE you are still dealing with this DMV situation. mindblowingly frustrating. ugh.

    very sad about your coworker leaving 😦 i have a pretty amazing job right now, but leaving a job where i had good friends was haaaaard. i still miss them so much!

  4. First day of school is so amazing. And a tear jerker. Good luck with the job and the title. Friends at work can make things so much better…maybe this will be the motivation to figure out something different.

  5. Finn seems to have changed so much since you last posted a pic! It’s amazing how fast the time goes, isn’t it? I love how you wrote this post, by the way 🙂

  6. So glad that it was a nice cop that stopped instead of a craptastic one. I hope you get the whole DMV thing sorted out. They are worse than hell and a nightmare put together. Blech.

    When one of my really good friends/co-workers left work, I was pretty down. I still miss her a lot but we do keep in touch so that makes up a bit for her leaving. It’ll be fine. I swears it!

    And that nephew you of yours is all sorts of cute! Such a big boy already!

  7. Finn looks so cute in his first day picture! Wait until he’s going off to college…then you’ll really cry. My niece is in her senior year of high school this year.

    So sorry about your friend leaving work. That makes it even harder to stay behind.

    As far as the car nonsense goes…eesh. Do you have Auto Club? I feel like they’re helpful in situations like this. But it was nice of that cop to give you advice!

  8. A similar registration thing has happened to me before (someone stole my sticker) and I was so grateful for the nice cops (yes, plural) that pulled me over. Apparently that is a much bigger deal than I thought, for them.

    My nephew also started kindergarten a couple weeks ago. Disbelief indeed.

  9. What a bummer your work bud is leaving. I would be so sad too. But happy for her.

    So happy the cop was decent! Steven mentioned to me last week that he felt he was due for a speeding ticket, and got pulled over a few days later and somehow got by with a warning.

    Was the place the cop recommended able to help you? 🙂

  10. I have an awfully similar file under ‘sad’ as well. Both of my best friends at work left this summer, and we’re pretty much always short-staffed. So now not only do I get to be the one directly dealing with lots of the daily chaos that results from less than stellar staffing, I get to deal with it without either of my friends & confidants. I’m SO happy for them both. But I’m left behind feeling stressed, overwhelmed…and bereft. It sucks to be the one left behind when that’s not where you want to be.

    That photo of your nephew is awesome though. Pictures like that seem like they can cure just about anything.

    I hope things in the stressful areas of life start getting better for you really soon!

  11. 1) Expired tags tickets are pricey. I got one while driving Ryan’s car from the emissions place to the DMV and it was almost $300. COME ON!
    2) Sad.
    3) How stinking cute is the photo of your nephew. Seriously. Love it.

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