As I was leaving for work yesterday I checked the mail and found something official looking from the California DMV. I got super excited thinking this was what I’d long been waiting for and I could FINALLY (after months of back and forth) get my car tags.


But when I went to the licensing office I was told what I had in my possession was a registration form for my car, not the title. I confess I knew it wasn’t the actual title because, you know, I can read and all but I figured it was worth a shot going down to the place and seeing if it’d be sufficient. The disgruntled lady with the very gross arm wound bandaged with what appeared to be clear tape took pity on me after I showed her my mountain of paperwork proving I had been working on this issue for months. I think the fact that I as near tears might have helped (it was real distress). She issued me a 60 day pass that I could tape to my window which would at least help me avoid tickets for a couple of months while I figured this out.

Disheartened and incredibly frustrated, I headed home. I was feeling very stabby and when I arrived home I went off on this whole situation in a diatribe to an audience of two cats and my boyfriend. I am so tired of fighting the DMV bureaucracy – where no one knows what the hell they are doing and everyone gives you a different answer and yet you STILL DO NOT HAVE YOUR CAR TITLE. I paid off my car! I own it! GIVE ME THE TITLE, FUCKERS!

Poor Mr. Darcy. He listened and let me vent because he has learned you do not try to reason with me when I am on a PMS-fueled rant. It’s much too dangerous.

As I was making dinner, Mr. Darcy went downstairs to collect the day’s mail. He opened our apartment door and said, “I think I have something here that is going to make you happy.” Doubtful, I looked at the envelope he was handing me and wouldn’t you know it? It was my long-awaited car title. The actual bona-fide title. In my hands. I jumped up and down and screamed and hugged him. My mood dramatically shifted in those few seconds. Finally! Finally, I can get my car tabs and I officially own my car. What a fucking nightmare it has been. I truly hope no one else has to go through the bullshit hassles I’ve been through.

Mr. Darcy just paid his car off a couple of weeks ago (yay us!) and he also received a letter the other day from his loaning bank that his title would arrive to him within 10 days. His car is registered in WA but he bought it in NJ. In that stack of mail he’d discovered my car title, he also had an official-looking envelope. He opened it to discover his car title. His car title arrived without incident and within 2 days of the notice that he’d paid off his car.

Can you believe it? We’re examples of both extremes. I think I would opt for his experience over mine, any day. I’m off this morning to the licensing office (my 4th visit in this whole fiasco). Wish me luck.


12 thoughts on “En-Titled

  1. YAY!!! i can’t believe the crap you’ve had to go through so far, but HOORAY YOU HAVE THE TITLE and i am so happy for you! šŸ™‚

    (i had a similar experience to mr darcy – while i bought & paid off the car in VA, i was not the original owner and i bought it privately from some random chick. i have no idea how my tiny credit union even managed to get their hands on the title in the first place, but they did promptly send it over to me as soon as i’d paid it off! i considered framing it at the time, i was so proud)

  2. Man alive! It’s about freaking time.

    I haven’t gotten my revised registration since I changed to my married name…I’m waiting it out and hoping I won’t have to go through a pain in the ass process like you did.

  3. Dear me, the DMV sounds like everything related to customer service in Spain. What a relief that you finally got your title!! Best of luck at the licensing office!

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