Yesterday I gave myself a permanent reminder to be.

Be present.

Be authentically me.

What started out as a blank slate…

Turned into a this…

My first visible tattoo.

I love it.

Yes, it hurt but it wasn’t that bad and it only took like 12 minutes. Besides, I had my friend Meghan with me to distract me and photo-document. (Thanks M!) Suzy at Two Birds Tattoo is fantastic. If you’re a Seattle local, check them out!

I’m definitely getting another.


29 thoughts on “Inked

  1. I know you already know I love it but I just have to say (it again, yes! and): HECK YES. So proud of you and psyched for you and already looking forward to your next one(s). We should work the timing out so I can come too, and maybe even get one while you do/after you do! Because I verily think I need to be tattooed in Seattle, amen.

  2. I hate that I haven’t been commenting, but I’ve been reading, reading, reading along. And I’ve been LOVING that tattoo. Beautiful, and super special. That will ring true for the rest of your days.

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