Loving & Losing

Loving and losing weight have a lot of things in common.

Losing weight takes dedication, determination and inspiration. It starts with a choice and after that first day when you make the choice there follow many more days, each one requiring you to choose- to focus, to stay and work at it, to give it your all, to try.

There might be off days where you fantasize – in this case about ice cream sundaes and stacks of pancakes, heavy on the maple syrup. A grass is always greener type of thing. There might even be days where you want to throw your hands up and just wallow in bad feelings. You might question if you’re cut out for this sort of thing. Do you have it in you? Can you be successful? On these days, you just don’t know. But there is an inner resolve that fuels you. A feeling you can’t quite describe that keeps you committed on the long road ahead.

For most of us, loving someone does not play out like a Hollywood film. There is the initial honeymoon phase where you’re so enamored you tune out the world and only have eyes for him/her. There’s the first fight and the making up. There are the highs and lows, the miscommunications and the making up, the raucous days and the quiet ones.

In loving someone and in losing weight, you hopefully find the best parts of you emerging. The parts you thought were lost or hidden, the ones maybe you told yourself were unlovable. And in all of it there is a new way of seeing what was always there and always beautiful.


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