Finding Laughter

Picture it: Saturday, mid-day, in the midst of doing chores.

Mr. Darcy, as he exits the bathroom and head’s to the kitchen trashcan, says in all seriousness, “Babe, I have to ask you something.”

I look at him as he tosses trash into the bin.

“Have you been taking poos in the cat litter box? Because I just pulled one out that was human size,” he asks me without any hint of a joking tone.

I start laughing.

“No really. The cat should not be shitting that big. I’m concerned,” he ponders, perplexed.

I can’t stop laughing.

“I can’t figure out how you get under there to do it though,” he marvels.*

This is the cat box located in our bathroom.

I’m still laughing.

* * * * *

Picture it: The Puyallap Fair with my Mom and nephew. The weather is cloudy then sunny then cloudy again thanks to a steady wind.

We bought a $20 punch card for rides that is worth 40 tickets. But! (and this is how they get you) rides are 9 tickets a person. So we basically just spent $20 for 2 of us to go on two rides. (Rip off!) Finn and my Mom are on the Tilt-a-Whirl spinning round and round.

I’m off to the side snapping photos when the wind picks up and the dark sky begins to open.

First a few drops then quickly it shifted into a steady downpour as we scramble to find shelter. None of us are wearing rain coats. We have one small umbrella that barely covers Finn. We’re running and we are soaked. Finn is jumping in puddles. I say, fuck it, and just let myself get soaked. My hair is plastered to my head. My dress is so wet the pattern of my underwear is showing (you’re welcome, Fair-goers). Finn is drenched and my Mom is trying to hold onto her tiny umbrella while her pant legs are stuck to her. Everywhere around us people are running to over-hangs and into buildings.

I just start laughing. What is left to do?

My Mom gives Finn this bag as a makeshift raincoat. As he stands there getting drenched he says, “EVEN MY ARMPITS ARE WET!”


10 thoughts on “Finding Laughter

  1. Haha! Sometimes life presents events that create laughs and make the day seem better. Even if it is during a downpour!

    Also that kind of cat poop is HUGE!

  2. That cat poo story is hilarious. I can just imagine Mr Darcy sitting there in a quandary, wondering how you fit under the shelf to poo!

    And your rain story reminds me of a text I got from Sweets this morning after he biked in the rain to work: “I need rain pants! Even my underwear are wet! Not a good way to start the day!!!” ha.

  3. I’m thankful you didn’t show us a picture of the poop. 😉

    It’s so much easier (and less stressful) to laugh when things don’t go as plan. It beats crying/getting angry. 😉

  4. Aww! I love Finn! And I love when people don’t get pissed about the rain and just deal with it. What are you gonna do, ya know?

    I was hoping for a poo pic with your hand or something next to it for a size reference 😛

  5. Okay I love Finn and want to steal him. “Even my armpits are wet.” I love it!

    Mr. W has more than once come to me disgusted and told me that our cat Monty takes bigger dumps than he does. I love that we’re not the only household with that problem. 😛

  6. That’s hilarious!

    The Fair was almost as miserable for us on Thursday because it was SO muggy and hot. We were very uncomfortable until right about dusk.

    I’m loving that Finn is wearing an IKEA bag. They should name the bag ümbrella or something.

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