Remember a while back when I announced that I was starting my own event planning business? The one that focuses on day-of wedding coordinating specifically but that also provides event support with logistics and day-of execution for any type of party or event? The one you all rallied to help me name?

Yeah, that one.

Despite not saying anything here until now, I have not stopped working on this endeavor. I even came up with a name (which is not from the fantastic suggestions that were given- sorry!). I’ve been busy working on my business plan but then I got stuck. I am not sure about pricing-I don’t know how to set a value to what I provide! I’m also not sure about all the legal and tax aspects of running a business. So I signed up for an on-line course. It just started but I’m hoping I get inspiration and answers so that I can move forward.

I also started calling it “my business” not “my side business” because I want it to be my job someday and talking about it like it’s just a hobby was diminishing it. I’ve been talking about it to people here or there and the response has been very favorable. I feel like once I launch it, I will have a lot of support in getting the word out. This is invaluable.

So here’s where I come to you. I am looking for recommendations for folks who do awesome logo design and possibly website design. I don’t have a ton of money to start which is limiting my choices (I’ve found some excellent sources but they are outside my budget- boo!). I have some ideas of what I want the look and feel to be. I want someone who can incorporate my quirky, vintage, sassy esthetic with clean, modern lines.  Seem too much to ask for? Maybe. But I figured it doesn’t hurt to put it out there.


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  1. I have no idea what her rates are like, as we mostly trade work, but I think you’ll like Vicki at Swank Web Style. She did my blog (noirbettie.com) and my business website (noirknits.com). She’s incredibly easy to work with and has a great aesthetic sense.

  2. So I have recently stumbled across your blog and have finally decided to come out of lurking! I would suggest talking to Tara and Kathleen at Braid Creative & Consulting which is a fairly new start up by two sisters who both write fantastic blogs. They want to help people develop their “brand” and they both have a background in advertising and art.

  3. Yay, this is exciting news! I may have a rec for logo & web design — the designer at my old job. I know her rates are reasonable, but she doesn’t have a huge, flashy portfolio or anything. I’ll email you her contact info. Having been through this before, I know good design is expensive. That’s why I did my site myself with the plan to upgrade it once I made a certain amount of money. I found that most of my clients never even looked at my site because they were referrals. Anyway, I’m really happy for you!

  4. I don’t know if this a good idea for you or not but there are (or were the last time I looked for my own needs) graphic designers on etsy. Sometimes they’re new and trying to build a business or they’re trying to supplement their other work. I don’t know that you’ll find a web designer, but I honestly found some high quality work for logo, letterhead, banners etc. from graphic designers there. Best of luck with following your passion!

  5. I don’t know how fancy you want your website to be, but there are lots of really easy site-building tools out there. I just built my portfolio site using Wix – it’s all flash and was a super easy platform. I’ve also used Yahoo! Web Hosting to build a site – it was super easy as well. And I know GoDaddy’s site tools are supposed to be pretty simple. Might be worth checking out because you could just design the site yourself and save the cash.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your business (including the name!). I’m so excited for you. This is such a great thing to be working on! Oh and whenever you’re ready, I’ll pass the info to my friend who just moved up to your area. She works for Trader Joe’s corporate, so she probably knows a lot of people through the stores that she can promote you to!

  6. I can’t help you with the logo and website but I’d be happy to help you on the legal side- entity formation, contracts, etc.

  7. One of my besties, Jay, is a RISD and Yale design grad. Just did all the design work for a new magazine. He’s awesome. I feel like you’d dig him. Happy to connect you if you’re interested.

  8. I can make you a commercial for air or online when you are ready for it.

    What is this online course about businesses? That was the one ginormous thing that freaked me out about starting my own business that I never figured out.

  9. My friend (@HeyMrsWilson) redesigned my site last spring and cleaned it up. She also dabbles in web design. She’s new(er) to this, so she’s very reasonably priced.

    Also? YAY YOU!!

  10. I have no suggestions, but just wanted to throw in my congratulations as well. How exciting! It’s great when you can find something you are passionate about.

  11. Have you asked Dave (blogography)? I am not sure if he does freelance for friends, but he is talented.

    Also, Steven has a few of his own businesses. Let me know if you have any questions… I know you are taking a course but he might be able to help!

  12. So much good stuff here, I am not even sure where to begin. We (my partner & I) started a business last year with a 3rd business partner. For so many reasons it became a side business, and then got pushed aside. Trying to un-push it aside (whatever, I’m sure it’s a real phrase 😉 ) has been challenging! It is so hard to not get bogged done in all the business-y foundation details. So yay, you! I love the simplicity of ‘my business’ vs. ‘my side business’! *cue lightbulb*

    Also, I may have someone local for you who is a design-y type (I’m so not!). We actually went to high school together, and based on what comes thru on your blog about your sensibilities, personality, energy, etc I think you two would be a great match! We are probably going to have her do our design work when we get to that point (got bogged down in details, doing website on my own via smugmug for now).I really don’t know anything about her rates & such yet, but I’d be happy to get you her website & contact info if you are interested. Just shoot me an email!

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