What’s gotten into you?

Sometimes we’ll be sitting on the couch either talking or watching TV when we hear a cupboard door slam shut in the kitchen.

We’ll stop to listen closely.

Then it slams closed again and there will be a woeful cry.

We share a look.

Again, the door bangs closed and another wail.

No, our apartment is not haunted. Unless you can call this little beast a ghost.

That’s our cat, Dot. She has taken to sitting on that red rug and banging the cabinet door repeatedly when she is hungry. The kicker is, 90% of the time she JUST finished eating or still has a plate of food out. We can’t figure out this new rebellion.

Mr. Darcy says, “All she needs is a kitty-sized tin cup that she can bang against the cabinets crying out Attica! Attica!”

(Please excuse my messy counter tops.)

13 thoughts on “What’s gotten into you?

  1. Dude, that is hilarious. Animals are a never ending stream of amusement and frustration (mostly the first one). My favorite is when I have been with Chico all day and I walk outside for 5 minutes. When I come back in he acts like I have been gone for a week.

  2. My cat LOVES cupboards. If there is anything he can get his paw around enough to open, he will do so. Then he will sit in there to his heart’s content, regardless of what may already be in there. He will go around to every cupboard he can get into. He also likes to open any doors he can. It’s pretty funny.

  3. My dog has a stainless steel bowl that sits in a tall wooden table. When he’s hungry he sticks his nose in it and moves it back and forth so it makes this lovely rattling sound over and over. By the time I get tired of listening to him and get up to feed the poor, starved soul, I arrive in the kitchen to find him laying down feigning boredom. He then looks up at me like he has no idea why I am standing there. P.I.T.A. But I love him anyways.

  4. I have a baby who does the same thing. Only, he does it at all times of day and night without any real predictability. And he pulls things out of the cabinets and leaves a mess on the floor. Maybe you should be thankful Dot is only banging around. =)

  5. They are smarter than even we, us animal lovers, give them credit for. And always walking that fine line between entertaining and annoying the crap out of us.

  6. Hahaha! Is she the one who eats fabric too? Our fatty boy Monty cries outside our bedroom door in the morning until we feed him. And Zoe eats so fast sometimes she throws up in her food bowl…Oh the joys…

  7. We have a similar new pastime at our house. It’s called ‘Did you hear that?’. It started because the fog has developed this charming new habit of chilling in the kitchen at random times, seemingly falling asleep. And sighing irritatedly every time you step over him to get something out of the fridge. Then when we’re finally settled in watching tv or engrossed in a book or whatever, he utters the shortest, barely audible growl to let us know he needs something. And continues doing so every few minutes until you finally figure out what it is he is in immediate need of (usually a post-dinner snack, but Sir has also been known to need to have all the water in his dish replaced with the finest filtered tap water in town). Apparently my dog has decided he needs to be waited on. They’ve trained us well, I suppose.

  8. LOL! When you think about it, cats are really smart about telling is what they want! Data also bangs on things – the bedroom door when he wants in, the front door when he wants out… πŸ™‚

  9. oh man, marie’s right. oliver has learned to open doors, cabinets, and drawers. he regularly jumps into the FREEZER when i open the door to that (used to be the fridge, but i guess that’s not as thrilling now that he’s seen the inside of the freezer a few times).

  10. oh yes, the starving cat trick! this is a widespread tactic shared among all cats! Mine cry woefully in the morning when they have just a bowl of food. (they have a self feeder, 4 cats) they seem to know that by the end of the day, they may run out. they act pathetic and clingy to get more food. Maybe they are on to something?

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