Fashion Forward 3

This is what I wore this week:

I got a lot of compliments on this dress and also some, "Why are you dressed up?" questions. I just like dresses! OKAY!

Dress: Land’s End (needs to be hemmed so it hits right below the knee)

Shoes: DSW, Seychelles

Necklace: Gift from Kerri

I own two pairs of pants- both trouser jeans. (This does not account for my workout gear.) It is rare to see me in pants.

Jeans: Target

Shirt: Lane Bryant

Sweater: Thrifted

Scarf: Old Navy

Shoes: TJ Maxx, Diesel

(Note to self: Move the mirror so that a full body shot is easier to capture.)

I have worn the hell out of this dress. I wear it at least 1-2x week. BUT NOT ANYMORE. Dot ate a huge chunk out of the hem. And guess what? I didn't realize it until AFTER I had worn it to work and was changing back into my work clothes after lunchtime yoga. (Damn cat!)

Dress: Target

Tank Top: Target

Shoes: Target

Earrings: Target



Since I barely got to wear my beloved striped dress the day before I decided to wear the same dress in different material the next day. (No one noticed.) Bonus? This dress used to make me very self-conscious because it would hug my stomach but since my stomach is slowly getting smaller, I felt good in it.

Dress: Target

Boots: Target

Tank Top: Target

Scarf: Old Navy

Earrings: Old Navy

Clearly, I mostly shop at Target, Old Navy and thrift stores.


24 thoughts on “Fashion Forward 3

  1. I love you in dresses. Isn’t it weird that people always have to comment on it when someone wears a dress? I mean, common, we’re women and not too long ago women ONLY wore dresses!
    You are smoking, Sizz! πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, I love to see all your great outfits. I love Target and ON, too… I love the dots with the striped scarf. I was reading recently that you can wear two different prints together as long as they’re within the same color combination(s). Love it! Thanks for sharing! (I also love the purple dress with the yellowish-gold peep toes!

  3. Your cat eats clothes??There just can’t be anything tasty about clothes, right??Or maybe I’m just a weird human so what would I know?!
    I LOVE your outfits! You always wear these wonderful colors and items of clothing that go so well with each other! Can we go shopping together?

  4. I love love love that purple on you! Damn Dot for eating part of the dress. And I love the scarf look with the stripes on dots. You are too cute!

  5. Yeay I love Sizzle fashion segments! I think if I counted, the majority of my wardrobe would be from Target, too. Doesn’t help it’s right down the street from my work!

  6. ugh, i so envy people like you with the eye for clothes! everyone gets the cutest things at thrift stores, sometimes im lucky, ill find a cute top here or there, or some super sweet sandals. I’m a goddess at the home decorating ala thrift stores, but I just dont have the eye like you to put together such cute outfits!

  7. I’m going to have to start doing this too! I always say I will and then forget to take pictures of my outfits! I love your pink cardy, and the polka-dot dress πŸ™‚

  8. eep! You are so cute, and you have Fabulous taste! πŸ™‚
    I can honestly say that almost all of the favorites in my closet come from Target…many from the clearance rack!

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