A Lovely Weekend

Mr. Darcy’s parents made the trek out to Seattle from New Jersey for the weekend. Because they fly last-minute on military flights, we don’t really know for sure if they are coming until they are already on the plane. Thankfully, this time they took our advice and stayed at a hotel not far from us instead of all the way out in Kent (about 40 minutes by car from where we live but closer to the base they fly in or out of) which afforded us the luxury of spending more time with them and showing them OUR Seattle.

Since they were seeing our apartment for the first time, I made a long list of chores we had to accomplish before they arrived. Mr. Darcy’s all “but they are just my parents” as in it’s no big deal. And I was all “but THEY ARE YOUR PARENTS” as in it’s totally a big deal. I won this debate and the apartment was clean and welcoming for their visit. It’s nice that they now have some context for our lives- that they can imagine our home, our cats, our building, our neighborhood- when we tell them stories. I even got to make them dinner which they thankfully loved. It just felt really homey and comfortable and really enjoyed their visit.

We even took them around to some open houses in some of the neighborhoods we are considering so they could picture it. Most of the ones we went into were not for us but it was a good exercise in a) not walking in the door saying WE ARE JUST LOOKING & AREN’T READY TO BUY (ahem, at least for me) and b) seeing how vastly different the photos can be from the actual size of the home. Since Mr. Darcy’s parents are a huge reason we can afford to be looking at buying, it meant a lot to have them there chiming in and sharing the experience with us.

Side note: We are meeting with a loan officer and a realtor this week. Eek! Yay!

It was a lovely weekend spent with my future in-laws.* I feel very lucky to be welcomed into such a sweet family where I feel so comfortable and accepted. I’m looking forward to our trip back east in a few weeks to celebrate Thanksgiving with all of them.

Mr. Darcy and his parents hanging out in our apartment.

*No! We are not engaged. You think I’d bury that kind of announcement in a post? Hell no!


14 thoughts on “A Lovely Weekend

  1. That picture is so cute!
    I’m like you, someone is coming to visit out of town – especially parents – then I do a massive cleaning.
    I spoke with a realtor and she said it’s definitely a great idea to go around to several open houses so you get an idea of what you want/don’t want. Best of luck with all of that!
    Sidenote: some people at my office still have no idea that I got married (I didn’t announce it to people at the office because they can get nosy). It’s pretty hilarious.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend and it also sounds like you really charmed your to-be in-laws! It’s really nice that all of you are mobile enough to be able to visit one another’s homes, especially since you live so very far apart!

  3. I’m so glad you guys had a good weekend! Your post brought me back to my own house search many years ago. It’s an exciting but intense processed filled with a lot more “not what I had in mind” than “It’s perfect!” And it’s hard (at least, it was hard for me, too) to stay in the “just looking” mode. But meeting with a loan officer is going in the right direction. Congrats! This is getting exciting πŸ™‚

  4. Awesome! Love when family visits go like that. And the house hunting thing is so stressful. Luckily we had a laid back realtor that let us BE how we needed to be relaxed and actually enjoy the house hunting experience.

  5. Ha ha. Love the asterisk! And house shopping! Yay!

    We recently had friends from NY visit and I loved showing them around so they know what everything is now when we tell them about it πŸ™‚

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