Fashion Forward 4

I wore this dress out to dinner with Mr. Darcy’s parents. I got it at Target for $10 (steal!). I’m not 100% sold on it though. I feel like the shoulder part makes me look very broad. I mean, I AM a broad but not really broad if you know what you mean.

Dinner on the town outfit

Side note: I am SO over my hair right now.  It’s very poofy and I don’t get it cut until the 5th. Aack!

It always seems that when I visit my favorite thrift store desperate to find some new (to me) clothes, I come up empty. But the days that I just stop in, not really seeking anything in particular, I hit the motherload. Unfortunately, Monday was one of those days where I only found 2 scarves, each $2.


The jacket is from Old Navy (last year I think). I like to pop my collar because I’m cool like that. And yes, I do like to throw on a flower pin. I guess you could say it’s part of my “signature style”.

I have this monster of a scarf- it’s really long but made of light material- that I like to wear. Turns out I have a sweater and t-shirt that match in color. And yes, this is a bit matchy-match. I’ve been trying to steer clear of that and most days I do well but today I was tired and uninspired when I looked at my closet so I threw on trouser jeans, this t-shirt and sweater and scarf.

Matchy Match

I have to change in and out of my outfit twice today because I have yoga at lunch then Nia after work then therapy so I needed an easy outfit. Plus, it’s freezing in my office.

Let’s recap: I like scarves. I like flower pins. I like the color green.


17 thoughts on “Fashion Forward 4

  1. You look darling! I love the boot/dress combo. I don’t think it makes you look broad, but as the daughter of an nfl linebacker, I am very sensitive to the fear. It looks great though. Love all the colors. I find it really easy to fall into black/neutral hole when getting dressed for work, so this is inspiring!

  2. I really like that green dress. The shoulders work because they balance out your bazooms and torso. You look lush and approachable without being frumpy. I agree with Holly’s comment about the black/neutral hole. That’s my biggest problem when I go shopping–all the clothing styles which suit my body best are rarely available in other colours–so I think it’s awesome you seek bright colours out wherever you can! Love the green!

  3. You look really nice Sizzle. I’m actually envious of you. I haven’t worn a dress or even a skirt in over 3 years… I had high hopes of purchasing a maxi dress this summer but chickened out. So wear your goods proudly! Rock on.

  4. $2 scarves! Get me to a thrift shop! I felt like I was getting a bargain with my $8 scarf.

    I like the green dress. Have you tried it with a different color belt around the middle? I bet that would look nice too!

  5. You look fabulous! It’s funny, I have a very similar dress (same style) and feel the same way about looking broad, but on you I don’t see it. So maybe we’re both seeing something that’s not really there. It’s a terrific outfit.

  6. You always look adorable in these fashion posts, and inspire me to wear new things. And yay for scarves! I love ’em.

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