Happy Halloween

It’s kind of funny that we say “Happy Halloween” isn’t it? When it is supposed to be a spooky, fright-inducing holiday?

(File that under: Random Thoughts by Sizzle Says.)

Friday my work had a party/costume contest. I was a real hard ass on my department about our group costume. I wanted to win! My initial suggestion of being SNL characters was shot down in a vote. Boo! I really, really wanted to be Linda Richman. Can you just see me pulling my coworkers into my cubicle pretending we were on “Coffee Talk”? What a hoot. Plus I’d get to say things like “I’m getting verklempt!” and “Talk amongst yourselves!” Or I could have been Pat. I could have made so many people uncomfortable with my questionable gender and that odd noise s/he would make.

But instead, the majority went for donuts. Yes, we all dressed up as donuts. See:

Donuts! (& a cup of coffee)

I’m a Feather Boa donut- my favorite donut at a local donut shop. It’s coconut!

We did not, however, win the contest. But these guys did:

Well deserved! Cereal characters!

How awesome is that? I bow my creative hat to them.

As you can imagine, being a donut is not really conducive to a desk job. Though I did discover that it’s convenient for resting your camera or a plate of food on it. I had to tip sideways to get through some doorways. And the pink paint I used to spray paint my inner tube/donut never completely dried so that white shirt is now garbage. So today I decided to wear something easier to work in. You know, type on my computer, answer the phone and attend meetings in. So on Saturday I opted for an easier costume when I happened upon this mumu-esque dress at the thrift store.

Mrs. Roper

Now if only Mr. Darcy would dress up as Stanley, we’d have it made.

P.S. This mumu is comfortable. Like, really.

What are you dressing up as?


9 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. I’m pretty sure your doughnut costume would’ve also come in handy if you had to jump into a body of water. Just saying…

    I love your costume today – you’re rocking it out!! I have no costume today, by choice. It’s not my favorite holiday. But, I did send Gavin to daycare dressed up as an adorable little froggy. So, don’t think for a second I’m passing the hate onto the next generation. Ha!

  2. Ha! Mrs. Roper, I love it!!

    The only member of my household dressing up today is the dog, probably as a Halloween pirate. Or a Halloweiner (hotdog), depending on which one he prefers when it’s time to hop in the car & go show off his holiday finery at my parents’ house where grandma (yes, my parents are Grandma & Papa to my dog) keeps extra cookies just for him.

  3. Mrs. Roper is awesome!! Looks great!

    This year we went as a basket of clean laundry (me) and Rorschach (him). They were VERYVERY last minute costume and turned out looking extremely awesome and being less than $20 total.

    (I plan on returning to my forgotten blog with new house pictures and Halloween pictures tomorrow; long overdue.)


  4. chris and i went as Princess Buttercup & the Man In Black. considering i put the outfits together at the last minute from some thrift store finds, i’m pretty happy with how they turned out!

    i LOVE the donuts. love!

  5. Donughts! That’s the best idea for a costume!

    I was really lame this year and just went for a gothic/dead look. We had a family theme : Francis was a skeleton and I was dead and Ray went as a CSI guy investigating our deaths. Sweepie was just a cute and adorable pumpkin cos she’s just adorable in a pumpkin outfit 😀

  6. Holy crap that is awesome. All sorts of awesome! I love both of your costumes! I didn’t dress up as anything. Only as a cat while working at the yoga studio on Monday night. That’s it!

  7. Oh my gosh. I love love love both of your costumes. But the donuts? So fun! I am a huge fan of group costumes. The cereal characters are really cool. Could you tell who they were without their pictures?

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