Custom Caricature Key Chain Holders- You know you want one.

It’s November. Can you believe it? That means we’ve got something like 55 days until Christmas, right? Aack! Sorry to panic you.

With the holidays breathing down our necks, Mr. Darcy and I thought we’d extend a unique opportunity to the readers of Sizzle Says. Remember that key chain holder I roped Mr. Darcy into painting for us a while back? Let me refresh your memory:

Sizzle & Darcy Key Chain Holder: The Original in Action

Yeah. That one.

Well, we made a couple of others. See?

These were both commissioned wedding gifts.

And now, we’re offering to make one for you or for your friend or your sister or whoever you think might like one. They make great gifts- wedding, house-warming, or the holidays! For a limited time we’re going to be taking orders on these custom caricature key chain holders for $75 each (includes shipping only to US and Canada, other countries, we can negotiate). We can do a couple or one person or maybe even a pet (great for hanging their leash).

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery (depending on how many requests we get). We guarantee that you will receive it in time for Christmas. If you would like to place an order, please email me at sizzlesays at gmail dot com.

BONUS! GIVE AWAY! We will give one custom caricature key chain holder away to a lucky winner. To enter: 1) Comment on this post and/or 2) Tweet the url of this post and cc @sizzlesays so I know to count you for another entry.

We’ll accept entries until Sunday, Nov. 6th at 6pm PST. Winner will be announced on Monday, Nov. 7th.

41 thoughts on “Custom Caricature Key Chain Holders- You know you want one.

  1. hey! these seem single-ist! Where’s the poor single girl surrounded by her cats and her faithful steed? I mean, shih poo?

    Maybe I need to buy one so I can be a shining example of spinsterhood, complete with hilights!

  2. You could do a special Spinster Cat edition for fizzgig. Or maybe one of Burt Reynolds from that time he was in Playgirl.

    Just sayin’. Mr. Darcy is so talented. Just think of the cute invites he could do someday for your kids birthdays.

  3. I LOVE OURS. I LOVE OURS. I LOVE OURS. I LOVE OURS. <—That doesn't even quite express how much I LOVE OURS. I'm thinking of maybe getting two made – one for my parents and one for Matt's. I'll email you with deets once I'm sure! Also I'm not on twitter anymore, but I'm commenting here! Woo! πŸ™‚

  4. So, I guess Facebook is totally passe for spreading the word??? We used to get bonus entries for that, but so many blogs (not just yours) have put an axe to it, preferring Twitter only. Sigh.

    That said, I adore these key holders and have one in mind for my brother and his dog. Pretty please pick me to be the inaugural pet holder!!! =)

    • I thought about FB but I tend to keep my real name away from my blog and so many people know me on FB so if they shared this on FB it could tie my real name to my blog. Make sense? Maybe I should just give up the idea of keeping my real name off my blog?

  5. what a totally cute idea. you should get on etsy and talk that cute man of yours into selling some! get some “house money”

  6. I totally want one! These are adorable and I must confess we are without a key holder (in our new home) and I LOSE my keys all the time. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Absolutely fantastic idea! I hope you make a bundle of money with these and can take another weekend visit to somewhere spectacular.

  8. These are so awesome, and you’re right: I think they would make especially excellent wedding or housewarming gifts. You guys are brilliant!

    (I just noticed I originally typed that last sentence as ‘You guts are brilliant!’ on my iPod keyboard. Which, I’m sure your guts are brilliant too, but not exactly what I meant!)

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  10. This are great. It would be a fantastic present for my husband on our upcoming 1st wedding anniversary. Fingers crossed.

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