Hairstyle: Vote for your favorite!

I’m getting my hair cut and colored on Saturday. I’m torn between having longer hair on my forehead or cutting it into more of a pixie.

This is what I look like (in case you forgot).

There are the two options that I am vacillating between. I realize I am splitting hairs (HA! I’m punny!) between the two but indulge me.


Longer over the forehead, shorter in the back, showing some ear


Textured at the forehead and short all around.

My whole live I have been drawn to hairstyles that aren’t entirely suitable for my hair type. I have very thick, wavy, full bodied hair. I like hairstyles for women with less hair that is more fine and has no wave. MY LIFE IS SO FULL OF CHALLENGES.

(I’m being sarcastic.)

So help a sister out and vote for the one you think will look best on me.


20 thoughts on “Hairstyle: Vote for your favorite!

  1. Similar to Denise, I voted for 1 but like both. What you could do (oh the versatility of short hairs!) is get a number 2, and a month an a half later get number 1!

    I do love #1.

  2. I absolutely LOVE #1, but as a person that chopped off all my hair a few months ago and is currently around stage 1 while growing it out, I have to vote for #2. πŸ™‚

  3. I like both. #2 is my vote though. It is just a bit different than what you currently have, #1 is a little closer to what you have now. Either would be lovely though.

  4. I love the long in the front and I think it’d look great on you. Your hairdresser would – I’m totally guessing – snip within your hair to thin it out some. That’s what mine usually does so it doesn’t look too bulky. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing!

  5. Hi Dear! I love them both, but I think #2 would be adorable on you. Or maybe I should say most adorable. πŸ™‚

  6. They are both cute but I think the first one will work better with the texture and thick ness of your hair and it is very cute.

  7. I LOVE, Love, love, love, love option 1 SO, So much! Like can’t even tell you how much, have secretly coveted from afar even though it is totally wrong for me & my hair love. Like TOTALLY. Probably not possible to find a hair style less right for me on every level, so of course I absolutely fucking adore it. On the other hand, it seems like it would be perfection on you! So I obviously voted for option 1 because: I think it would look GREAT on you, I’m totally envious, and I need to live vicariously through others these days!

  8. i actually DO have fine wispy hair that probably is desparate for a pixie… but i am far too nervous that i don’t have the right face shape for one!

  9. I love #1 but that may be because that is the cut that I rock all the time. I love the longer, choppy bangs because it allows a little more fun with the pixie cut. I can make them super straight and edgy or do a pompadour or mess the part up, plus i Have a bigger forehead so the tiny bangs (ala Mia Farrow) don’t look right on my egghead.

    My stylist usually razors or uses thinning shears on the bangs so they aren’t bulky and so they are more uneven and wispy for lack of a better world. Short hair rocks! πŸ™‚ You’ll look great with either.

  10. I have no doubt you’ll look adorable no matter what your haircut is. I could never pull off a pixie. I have a pea sized head and need hair to make it look larger!

  11. I like #1, however with your thick hair…I wonder if it will pouf up alot and you will end up using a lot of product to hold it down or it will drive you nuts! ❀

  12. I want option 1!! Am going for a cut on Monday. Definitely going shorter (than this long-ish-to-me bob I have), but not quite option 1 short yet. I am holding onto that pic for future reference.

  13. Wow! I like your site ..your so beautiful in your image thanks my neurosis.You look so great nice hair.What your haircut is?I love your hair your so cute heheheh thanks a lot.Im looking forward to meet you.:D

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