Cycle 3 Recap & Results

This cycle felt a lot like my usual way of eating. I (mostly) steered clear of sugar (hello, it was Halloween) and white flour but added back in whole grain bread. I had a few glasses of wine and noticed that wine and I don’t get along as well. Think – headache the next day from 1-2 glasses. I worked out the same amount- my typical 5-6 dance classes a week plus yoga. It all felt very normal. Very non-diet-like.

For some reason in the last week people started to notice I’ve lost weight. Co-workers and friends have commented. I do feel lighter even if I have a long way yet to go. Clothes that were snug or didn’t fit before now are staples in my wardrobe. Coats button without being tight. My work out clothes feel loose around my mid-section. My jaw line is more pronounced. It feels good to be able to see the changes not just feel them.

I’ve cumulatively lost 14 pounds and about 3 inches around my middle since I started 51 days ago which, if I am doing the math correctly, equals out to about .27 lbs per day or half a pound loss per week.

Starting weight: 219.4

Weight after 17 Day Cycle 3: 205.5

Measurements: total loss of 3 inches around waist & hips, 1 inch around thigh, half an inch from upper arm, and 1.5 inches from the bust

So what now? I am  and starting back on Cycle 1 because clearly I have not reached my weight loss goal. I’m not particularly looking forward to existing on lean proteins, veggie, fruit and non-fat yogurt again. It’s super limiting and requires a lot of pre-planning and meal preparation. I am determined to get below 200 pounds before Christmas. Once I hit that goal, I will set another. And then another. Good thing I am motivated by goals, right?

I anticipate I will have to modify it in the next month. With how busy I am at work plus travel plus all the socializing that comes with the holiday season, it’s going to be difficult but I can do it. No, I WILL DO IT. I’m also going to try to add some pool time and free weights a couple of days a week. I’m not yet at that place where I feel like if I went off the diet regime I would be able to keep losing weight. The regime gives me structure and that helps me at this stage in the game. I’ll now do monthly weigh-ins instead of every 17 days.

The journey continues. . .


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15 thoughts on “Cycle 3 Recap & Results

  1. Wonderful results! I too am on the bandwagon though I find it really hard to go out to eat with my family and I’m eating a salad and they are eating something shitty. I just want a plate of cheese fries, damn it!

  2. Excellent work. If you’re plan seems too restrictive, I would suggest Weight Watchers. It’s a great program!

  3. awesome job!!! im lucky that i only like lean proteins so i never feel deprived. I have tried all sorts of new things which i hate doing, and ive found a lot of things i enjoy that are healthy! You really do notice a difference when you eat better, don’t you? keep up the good work, you’ll totally meet your goal!

  4. I’m on round 2 cycle 3 right now and I feel the same way… not feeling deprived at all. I do have more cravings, but not a big deal. I’m nearing round 3 of cycle 1, but will probably just skip it. You are rocking it out with exercise! Glad you are feeling better and that people are noticing, exciting stuff! Way to go Sizz!

  5. Well done, mama! 3 inches is a lot. Can you eat soup? There are so many amazing and healthy recipes out there that are full of veg/beans/lentils/flavor/etc. and that don’t feel restrictive.

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