Home Again

Despite the wretchedness that is traveling across country, our trip to New Jersey was well worth it. We spent a couple days in Philadelphia, sightseeing and hanging out with old friends of Mr. Darcy’s. He showed me around the historic sights like the Liberty Bell (I felt very liberated) and Betsy Ross’s house which was conveniently located near a Starbucks. Side note: I rarely go out for coffee (a tea drinker in a coffee town, for shame!) but when I travel I MUST go to Starbucks. I think it helps me feel connected to my adopted hometown.

City Hall, Phladelphia style

On our way to . . . uh, Ben Franklin's house? (clearly I don't have the memory for historic facts like Mr. Darcy)

His parents took us to the Jersey Shore where their family spends a couple weeks every summer. But not his dad who is not a fan of the beach (sacrilege!). His mom brought baggies so I could fill them with NJ sand and seashells to take home (which are now displayed in our WA home).ย  While we were there, we saw a rainbow.

Ship Bottom, New Jersey after a storm

I tried on Mr. Darcy’s grandmothers engagement ring while we were there. It fit my finger which, if memory serves, his mom proclaimed “was a sign!”. I like it for its simplicity but more for the sentimental value attached. Mr. Darcy was incredibly close to his grandfather. His grandpa loved his wife very, very much even though to most people she was a hard pill to swallow. He loved her so much that after she passed, he didn’t wait long to join her. They say he died of a broken heart. But Mr. Darcy likes some of the other rings we’ve looked at better. I believe his words were “they have more sparkle”. So, we’ll see. He’s getting a lot of flack for taking so long to pop the question. From his family and yes, from me. When we checked into our hotel the desk clerk referred to him as my husband to which I flashed my left hand and said “Husband? I don’t see a ring.” He likes to retell this story to anyone who listen as a way to razz me back.

Thanksgiving with the Darcy’s means I get my butt kicked in Parcheesi by a Darcy clan member. Usually it’s his 10 year old niece but this time Darcy beat us both (twice!). His niece and I are a lot alike- enjoying crafting and Just Dance 2 and the movie “The Princess Bride”. We bonded over our mutual love of organization stores like Storables and of office supplies. She is asking for pens and socks for Christmas. His nephew who is 12 and very energetic adores his uncle and they talk nerd endlessly. It’s pretty cute to see. I let him beat me at Just Dance 3 to his choice of song- a Daft Punk song that had us dancing very robotically. The Thanksgiving meal is always delicious and there was practically a dessert per person which sent most of us over the edge.

An attempt to snap a family portrait. This seems about accurate.

The trip home is always brutal. We are tired from sleeping in foreign beds and weary of people and each other. I am usually desperate for vegetables and my work out routine. Our flight home left Philly around 2, went to Dallas, TX where we had less than an hour to grab food and find our gate and discovered that we were no sitting together. I was stuck in the bulkhead between two men. The man on my left was very lanky and insisted on taking off his shoes for the flight. His feet stank. The man on the right of me ordered five adult beverages during the duration of the 4 hour flight, prompting the flight attendant to inquire if he had someone picking him up when we landed. I endured my second viewing of the wanna-be “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” movie “Monte Carlo” because I was trapped on an airplane, exhausted and not really into my book. Seattle had never looked so good with its cold rainy gray. Finally home, the cats greeted us with cat barf on our bed. I think that means they missed us but are covering their sadness with pukey rage.

It’s good to be home.


13 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. So I totally read that as “I tried on Mr. Darcyโ€™s engagement ring” which prompted me to think you got him an engagement ring. Yes I’m in need of some afternoon coffee.

    People who have stanky feet and take off their shoes on an airplane need to be kicked off. That’s disgusting. Same thing happened to me once when I flew from London to Lebanon. I think I almost passed out from the smell.

    Glad you two had such a lovely time though!! And love the pictures!

  2. I had my first holiday with P’s family. I can’t yet put the whole experience into words. It was so different from my own (tiny) family and I loved everyone so much and it was good to be home in my own bed but when we left his sisters house I cried. I’ve been overly emotional ever since but I’m blaming it on sugar crash, lack of 70 degree temperatures and travel weariness.
    Here’s to getting back into a normal routine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I had a huge dopey grin on my face after the engagement ring paragraph and then the cat barf made me laugh out loud. WHY do they do that??? It’s like they know and they want to punish us for being gone!

    Your trip sounds like a lot of fun all the way around. That Jersey Shore shot is awesome. And I love that his mom brought bags so you could take home sand. So cute!

    Like you, I don’t really drink coffee when I’m home, but last month when I was in DC and Boston, I hit Starbucks almost every day!

  4. how lovely! i may be biased, but i think anyone from NJ is good people ๐Ÿ˜‰

    smelly feet are terrible. i once spent a plane right next to a man who FARTED the entire way, which was also terrible.

    hooray for being back home!! i almost cried when i got into my own bed after 25 hours of travelling home from sri lanka this weekend.

  5. Love the pictures! And you sound so happy and look and sound real good together! I have a weird question and please delete me (well delete this not me really) or have me killed by ninjas if this comes out too weird-but I’m curious… Being a newly we’d myself, never previously “really” engaged and having home through and survived wedding planning and an engagement that was a total surprise, how is this whole “sort of engaged butnot but here try on this ring” thing work? Like it would make me freak out. On the one hand, you absolutely should’ve talking and planning about the future and it’s been really nice reading about how things are going and your plans. They seem very mature, but fun, and not too fast but not too clinical. So, like, do you sit around and he says yeah we are going to get married someday or you say that and you both go ok and your folks know but it’s some freaky surprise he is going to spring on you but you’ve discussed it? Or us it a vague part of the discussion? Obvs, houses hopping together would be a sign duh but I always wonder about that. And you seem like a with it person that I understand unlike many I encountered online (can you say “the knot”) who are like 12 and all pre-pre-pre engaged. Cause you/anyone doesn’t have to get married anyway. Also changing your name is a bitch and nobody seems to have a clue about hyphenating and all people need to learn how to alphabetize a freaking hyphenated last name.

    I’m happy for you – I’m so glad I found my guy and we are almost 1 year in, but it ain’t easy!!

  6. Yay for home and the end of a wonderful trip!
    And Congrats on the engagement-to-be! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Feet. Sweaty, stinky, travel feet, freed from their shoe prison to breathe in the confined space of an airplane?! I retch, I die. SO Gross.

  7. Mr Darcy’s fam sounds so fun. But I totally get wanting to go home. And sleep in your own bed. And eat vegetables!

    I love the ring stories ๐Ÿ™‚

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