Before 11am

My trusty computer that has lasted me almost 7 years is on its last leg. We finally broke down and ordered a lap top that should arrive early next week (not the coveted Mac which we went 20 rounds about and finally decided to be frugal and not spend $1500 on a computer when we are pinching every penny for a house). So of course our virus protection would run out this week, right? That’s rule number 46 in the Game of Life rule book.

Last night, Mr. Darcy spent hours trying to recover our computer from the blue screen of death. It finally worked and we were back in (precarious) business for the time being. But then this morning when I went to start it up, I got a bunch of warning pop ups saying our protection was expired and to act immediately and basically YOUR COMPUTER IS GOING TO BLOW UP. I kept trying to exit out of them so that I could update our Norton protection and it wouldn’t let me. Frustrated, I finally just clicked a legit-looking box that said “XP Home Security 2011”.

Here’s where I will jump to the lesson and warn you: Do not click that box! It is a virus!

How did I learn this? Because AFTER I clicked the $59.95 one year protection AND gave it our credit card number, nothing happened. No download now box came up. The “support” part of the website seemed really bogus though I did finally get it to accept my request. I started to panic. I did a google search and discovered that I had just given private information to a non-legit site.

Holy crap!

I called the bank to report a fraudulent charge. It doesn’t even show up as anything related to XP but as a “yahoo” thing. LIARS. After three calls to my bank, one hang up (on their part) and a 12 minute hold time, I finally talked to a live person who basically told me to go into a bank and have them issue me a temporary card and to CALL BACK once the charge went through so she could file a claim.

Not awesome.

I’m not feeling very well- like I am fighting off the beginnings of a head cold- so I had already decided to stay home from work. I spent almost 2 hours dealing with the computer nightmare (I finally got Norton installed so I think I am slightly better off than I was at the beginning though we’re going to use our computer on a limited basis until the new one arrives). I now get to go to the dentist for a cleaning. Because today keeps getting more fun, right?

I’m going to wear sweats and my glasses because I’ve given up on today.



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  1. Sounds like a bad start to the day…Hope it gets better quickly. I just heard the song Marshmallow World that you and your friend and Mr Darcy made the video to last year. It made me think of Mr. Darcy’s head popping in and out of the video and made me smile. Maybe it will make you smile too. Here is to your day improving greatly from this minute on.

  2. When it rains, it pours… sorry for the rocky last 24 hours in computerland.

    I have kids who work in the computer field, and they had me download the FREE version of AVG anti-virus software. . . its what they use and it works wonderfully, and the best part is of course, its free. They say its one of the best anti-virus software programs out and definitely the best free one.

    If you google AVG it should come up. That should hold you until you get your new computer 🙂

    Hope you have a better day and weekend!

  3. Ugh – so sorry about your computer trouble! I hate computer problems b/c I am so not technically savvy. This is also why we splurged on the Mac. Thankfully, we have not regretted it one bit.

  4. Two legit and free very good virus sweeps that I used (based on seeing Geek Squad use when my desktop got some funky startup loop virus) are: 1) FREE. And it found a TON of stuff on my old desktop during the Geek guy’s virus fix. 2) CCleaner. This is one I run occasionally to clean up my junky stuff and my registry (it will also back up the registry). A very good free anti-virus to use is AVG. I’ve also found Kaspersky to be a lot better than Norton and even McAfee. You pay for Kaspersky, but it did not slow my PC down like Norton did. Have a great weekend!

  5. When you get a new computer – don’t go with Norton. Norton sucks (also says my IT guy at work, who knows shit).

    I have a program called Vipre – it’s not that expensive (you can find online coupons, too) – I think $20 per year – and it has very good reviews! Haven’t had one single problem since I started using it.

  6. I hope you had a good weekend after this debacle. What a mess. I swear computers are sometimes more of a pain than they are a necessity. I hope you get everything sorted out soon and that those bastards don’t get any of your money!

  7. i just got a new computer too! its awesome! but luckily i save everything to my external hard drive so I am still im posession of my documents, pictures, and music! best investment I ever made!

    Enjoy your new computer!

  8. BOO! This day SUCKS! Ugh. I hate hate hate dealing with the bank, and especially for something like that that would make me feel so anxious! I hope your day got better.

  9. I want to know why this post is only now showing up in my Google Reader. WTH?!?

    It sucks – you were trying to do the right thing and get slapped out of the room for it. Not fair. I’m glad you were so proactive about reporting it to your bank … hopefully things are on the road to resolution, now that I’m commenting one week later! =)

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