Fashion Forward #5

I’ve known about for years but it wasn’t until I happened upon a motherload of custom eshakti dresses at my favorite thrift store that I actually bought one. What luck to find a dress at a fraction of the cost and in a custom size that actually fits. Bonus: It has pockets! It’s hard to see but the top has small pleats that lie flat and the waist is empire.

Please excuse the blurriness. Mr. Darcy has a knack for taking blurry photos.

I liked this dress so much I splurged on a custom order for myself from the site.

This is an up -close view of the pattern of birds. And, uh, of the plunging neckline.

I took the measurements myself and I think I may have mis-measured when it came to the bust area. I actually have to take this dress in to get altered because I spend 96.4% of the time adjusting the damn thing and worrying about flashing everyone my bra.

Again with the pockets. Again with the blurriness.

It’s really well made and very comfortable and flattering. It’s only $7 more to submit your custom measurements. What a steal! I have a few more dresses I want to get from there when funds permit.

Magenta dress from Target (on clearance) with boots & tights.

This is another steal I got from Target. I have very little practical winter clothes I am discovering as the temps dip under 40 degrees. Tights and boots and cardigans and scarves to the rescue!

Paired with a Gap velvet blazer from days gone by (thrift find) and you've got yourself an outfit.

And while it is dresses and scarves and boots 80% of the time around here, I do give ample wear to my work out clothes (not pictured) and my mumu (not pictured, you’re welcome and YES I wear it around the house- it’s so comfortable!). 10% of the time I will wear jeans. I do so love a trouser jean.

It's hard to see but I am wearing trouser jeans I got from Lane Bryant ages ago with an orange top I scored at Target and a yellow/white print cardigan I found at the thrift store.

Not pictured are my awesome shoes that tie with a pretty bow. I really liked this outfit. I felt pretty in it. Maybe it was the heels.


15 thoughts on “Fashion Forward #5

  1. 1) Still love your new hairstyle. 2) CUSTOM MEASUREMENTS. Tiny bust… larger hips/backside… never a good combination when finding a dress. A-line usually works but more likely than not my boobs are swimming around in the dress, unless it’s a v-neck and then, hello, there they are. I’m going to go crazy on eShakti! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My god, S, I am LOVING your hair.

    And I've been so freaked out to order from eshakti because of the feedback I have heard about their weird or inaccurate measurements. we will have to geek out on your new dresses when I visit this weekend!

  3. I have heard of eShakti but I think I never saw the clothes until now. Such cute dresses. Also I always forget that Target has clothes until I see people wearing cute things they bought from there. I wear jeans almost all the time, need to get back into wearing dresses after being inspired by your photos.

  4. Ooo, that site has some really cool stuff. I love the dresses! And your cardigans. I need some more fun ones. It’s cold in my office!

  5. Thanks for that link to amazing clothes. I have mentally spent about $800 on such pretty things. You look great, it is amazing how accessories can totally change your outfit.

  6. Um, so yeah.

    I just discovered your blog, and fell in love with you instantly.

    Found myself wishing we lived nearby so I could tag along on a thrift store shopping trip and then {literally} squealed {I don’t squeal} when I saw that you live in the Emerald City!

    I’m over the hump in the “Bavarian Town”

    Wanna have coffee?


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