Life is a whole lot easier when you can take a hot shower and pee in your own toilet, I’ll say that much. I’m not as despondent over the house situation as I was yesterday though I am not really letting myself think about it. I appreciate all the support and kind words you shared with me. It really does help. Our part of the plumbing nightmare is over but sadly our downstairs neighbor must endure multiple repairmen to get her bathroom back to pristine, pretty order- drywall guy and painter and tiler, oh my!

I’ve decided to not look at houses for the remainder of the month- just giving myself a break from it all since my tendency is to get borderline obsessive about big things. I’m going to focus my time on merriment- holiday gatherings, our plump, twinkly Christmas tree, spiking my cocoa, and finishing my Christmas cards. All that worry can wait until the new year. Now is the time focus on what is in front of me.

Last night was my office holiday party which, of course, I helped plan. The White Elephant gift exchange is always a hoot with my co-workers though 50 people participated so it was kind of dragging. I couldn’t just watch it haphazardly happen so I jumped on the mic to make idle commentary and move it all along. I’m never quite sure if I love or hate this quality of mine (that I can’t watch painfully slow, boring things occur in a public setting). Regardless, Mr. Darcy and I won a cruise voucher from a drawing (it wasn’t rigged!) and we’re debating if the fees and airplane tickets make it worth it. I don’t know. . . the Caribbean sounds pretty spectacular.

The rest of my week/end is packed with volunteering, Mr. Darcy’s office party (yay, nerd party!), book club, hair cut, dance & yoga classes and a holiday open house. I don’t know about you but it’s certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas.


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  1. I have a friend who moved into a house just before Halloween and it wasn’t until this past Monday they could turn on their taps without rotten well water coming out of them! And they have 2 little kids …. being without working water is insane. So glad yours is all taken care of!

  2. Luckily, they had the option of connecting up to the city water system. Now to deal with figuring out if the sellers were hiding bad test results! Not fun.

  3. let me help you decide: YES THEY ARE WORTH IT! take the cruise!! šŸ™‚

    i’m starting to get into the christmas spirit too – hosting a christmas party at my house this weekend, so i HAVE to! decorations are up and christmas carol playlist has been created šŸ™‚

  4. I am just now catching up and I can’t even imagine how it must have been to not have a toilet you could use right in your own place. I would be constantly running to the bathroom the minute you told me I couldn’t. Yuck!

    I’m sorry about the house. That stinks! It happened to me too before I got my current house. You’ll find it, for whatever reason that wasn’t the one that was meant to be. I totally agree with you on taking a break until you have all your ducks in a row. I get obsessive like that too and then I just end up sad and frustrated.

  5. I think taking some time off from house-hunting is an excellent idea. I had to make myself do that when we were looking because I went full-on OCD with it…thinking I had to see (online or otherwise) EVERY HOUSE in the area that was in our price range. It was stressing me out (it didn’t help that I wasn’t working at the time so I was focusing all of my crazy on finding a house).

    Also, we fell in love with one house that we eventually decided we just couldn’t afford. We found out a bit ago that one of my husband’s coworkers had bought it (weird, small world) and the water heater broke right after he moved in. So. Meant to be? I don’t know.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better about things, though, and sorry I left the world’s longest comment. Hee.

  6. Yes definitely take the time to enjoy the christmas season and start looking at houses again next year. We found our house on the 3rd of January or something like that. New year, new opportunities.

    I know how you feel with the bathroom. We got back from a month holiday last week, hubby went to the loo and then showers, bath and sinks in the two bathrooms started filling up with poo scented water. We had to go to my mum and dad’s for showers as we couldn’t get a plumber til the next day. Makes you really appreciate being able to shower and go to the loo at home!

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