Two Years & Counting

December 26th marked 2 years that Mr. Darcy and I have been together.

I can’t believe it’s been two years already. No, seriously. Usually at this point in a romantic relationship I’ve already broken up with the person. I have had very few relationships last past 1.5 years. Just check my archives for proof! But Mr. Darcy is different and being with him makes me different and together we make it work.

Every day we choose each other.

This is no small feat. I know you understand, right?

I am so grateful for him. He utterly accepts me for who I am even when I am a crumpled, crying mess or a boisterous, silly dork or a stressed out, over-thinking freak. He models unconditional love to me every day and I only hope to give him the same kind of acceptance, love and encouragement in return.

Note to self: this does not include nagging him about wearing dad jeans, not eating enough vegetables and acting like a sore loser when he beats you at Wii Jeapordy again.


Honestly? I didn’t know what I was looking for until I found Mr. Darcy. And now I can’t imagine wanting anyone else.

Here’s to being on the journey together and to the (I hope) many, many more anniversaries to come.


36 thoughts on “Two Years & Counting

  1. Seriously? Two years! So wonderful that you have found each other. Congrats to you both, and I wish you many many more happy years together. Yay.

    Can I just say that I think you are about the cutest couple ever!?!?

  2. 2 years already? WOW! Congratulations to you and Mr. Darcy. I’m glad you finally found what you were looking for! Here’s to many years of happiness in the future!

  3. The beautiful thing about finding true love in your 30s is you know it when you see it. You know when something, someone feels right. You know when someone makes your world better. You just know. And for as many years as we’ve been bloggy turned real life pals, I’ve been hoping someone wonderful would enter your life. I think I speak for a lot of your pals when I say, we look forward to celebrating your anniversaries, too!!! xoxo

  4. “Every day we choose each other.” – love that so much. You guys are adorable and your “Eye of the Tiger” tweets last night were killin’ me. I’m convinced that humor like that is what really makes a relationship/marriage so fun. Congrats to you both!

  5. Awe, you made me get teary. I’m so happy you two found each other and I look forward to what your third year together will bling…oh did I just type “bling”? I meant “ring.” Oops I mean “bring!”

  6. Congrats on two years–it’s clear how happy Mr. Darcy makes you, and how right you two are working on making yourselves for each other.

  7. Obviously I don’t know you in real life, but I’ve read your blog for a long time and I’ve seen the archival evidence 🙂 The photo in this post says it all. So glad you and Mr. Darcy found each other and you gave it a chance. What a great way to start 2012!

  8. Happy Anniversary to you both! I know I’m a visual person and this might sound silly, but from the moment you started blogging about him – I swear you just looked “right” together. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it in person one of these days. xoxo

  9. Happy (belated) two years you two! I love hearing about your relationship with one another. You’re obviously so compatible, but you also just respect one another… and accept that each will struggle, and is not perfect. It’s just the signs of a healthy relationship and it’s so awesome to see you in that place 🙂

  10. Congratulations you two! Happiness and love is being able to show your true self to another person without fear of judgment or rejection. To find that in another person is a precious gift and I’m so happy you found it.

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