It’s Snow Big Deal

I’m writing to you on my second snow day in a row, trapped in our apartment. The stir-crazies have not yet kicked in but that could be thanks to the cooking and baking and reading and movie-watching and cleaning I have done.

I like to keep busy.

I hear that our weather has made it past local news so you probably know that yesterday Seattle was dumped some 4-8 inches of snow, more in outer-lying areas. There were absolutely no flakes when we went to bed Thursday night and I asked Mother Nature to deliver snow because I really wasn’t feeling like working. Selfish, yes. And then when we woke up, white everywhere!

My snowy corner of Seattle.

Mr. Darcy’s work didn’t close yesterday despite constant snowfall which prompted all schools to close and garbage pick ups to cease among other things. The nerds need their products! We actually got in a bit of a tiff over him going into work. He doesn’t have snow tires or chains and despite having grown up in worse winter storms, our streets are not that well maintained for these types of weather and we’re in a neighborhood full of hills. He managed to make it across the water to the east side along with five other co-workers. They were there all of 30 minutes when the powers that be closed the office. Ridiculous! So then he had to risk life and limb to get all the way back. He tried again this morning but only got as far as the driveway when the freezing rain drove him back upstairs. I’m selfishly happy he’s here because I kinda like him and would appreciate him staying alive a long time. Though come this weekend we’re going to need some alone time away from each other because this is a lot of togetherness.

Snow days mean lots of lazy. The cats approve.

It’s been a really weird work week since my office was closed on Monday for MLK, Jr. day and then everyone was watching out the windows all Tuesday to see if they should run to the store before heading home to beat the storm. I stopped at a store on the way home and it was a madhouse. I’ve never seen so many people shopping on a Tuesday afternoon. There were a lot of single-looking guys wandering around looking lost holding cans of ravioli and sacks of bread with packages of lunch meat. Maybe the rains will stop being freezing and will wash away some of this ice and snow so I can return to normal life- going to dance class and work and, you know, putting on a bra and make up.


10 thoughts on “It’s Snow Big Deal

  1. I live in a snowy climate and I still love snow days. BTW, even in these parts where we should be used to the white stuff, people race to the store when they hear it might snow. We humans are a funny beast! Enjoy your in-time with the mister!

  2. I thought of you when they were covering Seattle on the Weather Channel yesterday. Mr. Darcy’s work reminds me of being in FL with torrential rains, flooded streets, and still having to go in to work only to fear getting trapped there.

    They’re pretty good about plowing/sanding here but we haven’t had all that much snow this year. Finally have a layer covering the ground.

    Glad you’re enjoying your snow days!

  3. This reminds me so much of when we got dumped on and locked in for a week. A WEEK INSIDE. Yeah we were all going stir crazy after a few days. It was actually nice to see OTHER people again. But it’s super fun the very first few days. Then the crazy sets in.
    However I will say, it’s really nice not putting on a bra for a couple of days. The ladies need some rest too yanno?

  4. Trying to get people to drive in this weather is stupid. I’m glad Darcy got home ok. I have resorted to naps and may very well take an actual bath later. That’s right, not a shower, A BATH. This lunacy may never end.

  5. I love staying in during snow days. I tend to ruin it doing work (if I have a computer, I can work), but cleaning, baking, watching movies and taking naps sounds like a much better idea, enjoy!

  6. For me, this kind of thing happens with hurricane days. My work has been stupid about making people come in, too.

    I love the image of the young guys wandering around with ravioli trying to figure out how someone eats for several days without Chipotle!

  7. I love me a good snow day and we had them a lot in Oklahoma, but after about 48 hours you’re so over it. In Missouri, the DOT seems to have their shit together because their snow removal rocks. Which means snow days . . . don’t 😦

  8. Even though I’m home here every day right now, I’m envious of your snow lock-down! It looks like fun. Maybe I need to start baking and watching movies more…

  9. So happy Mr Darcy made it home safely and you two get to cuddle up at home! I think your storm came our way – we got hit with snow today 🙂

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