Fashion Forward 6

I’ve been participating in a 10 day fashion challenge over at Freckles in April’s blog. Each day she gives us a prompt and we use that to build our outfit around.

Day 1: Layering

I’m not big on layering. Let me say this plainly- bigger girls don’t look to add padding. Plus, I mostly wear dresses so the whole layering a t-shirt with a button up shirt with a sweater thing wasn’t going to work for me as I don’t have a lot of that in my wardrobe. (Dress: Target, Belt: Target, Vest: Thrifted, Tights: Unknown, Boots, DSW, Awesomeness: All Me (JK))

Day 2: Monochromatic

I went with shades of purple/fuchsia for this challenge because I own a lot of bold colored clothing. I think it suits my personality. (Dress: Target, Tights: Lane Bryant, Scarf: Old Navy, Coat: Thrifted, Boots: The Avenue)

Day 3: Embrace a Trend

For as much as I love fashion, I am not a trend follower. I had to look up what the current trends were to see if I had anything that could suffice. I ended up with metallic shoes, an animal print sweater and an orange scarf (which my research said were all current trends). I needed something easy to change in and out of since I had yoga at lunch and dance after work. (Sweater: Target, Trouser Jeans: Lane Bryant, Scarf: Gifted, Shoes: Unknown)

Day 4: Channel Someone

I was worried about this challenge. I’m not really big on emulating other people’s looks but then I remembered I had this pencil skirt just hanging in my closet and a new pair of blue heels. I channeled Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame. I think she is super sexy. I love how she embraces her curves. Ba-bang! (Confession: I haven’t watched any episodes of Mad Men yet.) (Skirt: Target (old school), Heels: Steve Madden, Sweater: Thrifted)

This challenge made me want to buy a new red lipstick and tighter clothes.

Day 5: Mix Patterns

I confess- I wear this outfit a lot. It’s very comfortable and is my go to outfit when I can’t figure out what to wear. I really need to get some new clothes because this dress has pockets that are ripping. (Dress: Old Navy, Sweater: Target, Boots: Target, Belt: Thrifted, Scarf: Old Navy Earrings: a gift from Mr. Darcy from Etsy)

This post is apparently brought to you by Target since the majority of my clothes seem to be from there.


22 thoughts on “Fashion Forward 6

  1. oh man, this looks fun/awesome, and i could SERIOUSLY use a kick in the pants (ha!) in my personal style. can i join for just week two??

    i LOVE your style, btw!

  2. You are SO FRIGGIN’ CUTE! I’m so glad you are doing this style challenge. I think you always put yourself together flawlessly and give me good inspiration! Hooray!

  3. Super cute! I especially like trendy day. (I have a thing for animal prints and metallics right now…) You seem to have great luck/timing at Target. I look often, but so rarely find things worth taking home.

  4. Can I just say that I LOVELOVELOVE the day 5 look?!

    Also, I should buy stock in Target, because I have TONS of clothes from there, and shoes, and things…

    Lastly, I haven’t seen Mad Men yet, either!

  5. I love all the outfits! What a fun challenge idea. I think my fave is Mixed Patterns 🙂

    I totally would have not known about which trends were current either. Steven just bought me an orange scarf though!

  6. Could you please create a sidebar where you do this every week? I love seeing all your cute clothes! You are seriously one of the biggest fashionistas I know, and I love that so many of your clothes are from Target (it is a cornerstone of my wardrobe). It’s even more fun to see how cute and chic you look now that I’m working from home and have trouble getting out of my yoga clothes all day sometimes…

  7. I love that you talk about clothing from Target so much because, uh I work in Target’s apparel & accessories marketing department. Keep it coming! You’re even giving ME ideas, and I am surrounded by these clothes every single day! I like that you are not a size 2 and you pull off such great, put-together looks, especially with our clothes, which have the reputation of typically being juniors sizing. Also? My 401k thanks you. 🙂

  8. You are KILLING ME with your total cuteness. You would die at a closer look at my wardrobe . . . just today I received four, count ’em: four, of the same basic white T-shirts from the Gap just to keep my khakis/white t/cardigan get up going. Anyway, someday we will do that shopping trip I’ve talked about. Also? Awesomeness: All you! 🙂 Beautiful, really. You must look at these pics and say, DAMN. I’M HOT. I do. xo

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