Welcome to Our Apartment

I’ve had multiple people request a tour of our apartment. We hosted my family over for dinner the other night so the house was tidy and clean which inspired me to take photos and a video.

First some photos.

Welcome to our apartment. This is what it looks like when you enter.

To the left when you enter the apartment is our bedroom. It's slightly messy near the craft corner which is apparently code for "place to dump our crap". I didn't photograph that section on purpose.

Behind this door is a shoe rack and a bunch of scarves and a laundry basket. I am sparing you the view of that. You're welcome.

To the right when you walk into our apartment is the bathroom. Many of you are familiar with that shower curtain as it is the backdrop to most of my self-portraits.

As you head down the hall there is the kitchen. Do you see now why I dream of a big kitchen? With butcher block counter tops and lots of open cabinet storage?

The hall leads to the kitchen on the right and the living room/office/dining room on the left. Here's the view from the kitchen into the living room.

We don’t always have our furniture like this but when we’re entertaining, we feel this layout gives us more space. Can you see why I am desperate for a dining room in our new home? I want to throw dinner parties and I need space!

See also: swords.

This is the left half of the room where we've set up our "office" and where I blog to you all.

And this is what our hallway looks like as you leave the living room and head back towards the front door/bathroom (on left)/bedroom (on right).

Here’s a quick 2 minute video through our apartment starting with walking in the front door. Bonus- you get to hear our squeaky hardwood floors! Special appearance by Dot the cat.

Casa de Sizzle y Darcy


23 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Apartment

  1. Your apartment is very cozy and homey and really reflects your personalities, I think. Totally get wanting a bigger space, though. I’m right there with you. 🙂

  2. I love your “BE” in the hallway. Very cool. The video cracked me up because you were silent in it! I felt like I was watching something a robber shot as he was casing the joint. 😛

  3. I am jealous of your counter space. I have similar cabinet space to you in my kitchen but the idiot who designed forgot that counter space is a good thing!

  4. i am SO impressed. i end up with so much clutter when forced into small spaces. and i don’t just mean piles of clutter on tables – i mean like even when cleaned up, my kitchen would look claustrophobic and stuffed to bursting. your place is downright serene!!

  5. I love how it’s spunky/cozy/modern. It’s totally you!

    I love the “BE” above the door.

    I was going to ask where the gattos were. Hi Dot!

  6. I love seeing other people’s homes, thanks for sharing. I’m a huge fan of all the architectural details in your place. Reminds me of my first apartment in the Adirondacks in upstate NY. LOVELY!

  7. I love your awesome style! I am especially in looooove with your bed linens — oddly enough, I have a pitcher with the very same retro design that really brightens up my kitchen. Your home is simply cozy and gorgeous and bursting with personality. Thank you for posting — I feel inspired. I am also a follower on instagram ~ @laurie716.

  8. Your living room is my absolute favorite. Probably because I’ve pulled similar colors into my decorating at times, But, it just feels very well put together, like a lot of love went into picking out the pieces. Can’t wait to see what you do with your very own home!

  9. Oh Em GEEEE… your place is so cute! I love little spaces. But I also understand the want for a bigger space especially when you have two people living in the space.

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