More Reasons I Can’t Wait For This Gig To Be Over

Last night we were woken up at 2am by a drunk tenant claiming her jacket was stolen and her keys were in the pocket. Mr. Darcy was the one to actually hear the buzzer as I had my ear plugs in so I didn’t hear her texting me some garbled, intoxicated message about how she can’t find her keys nor did I hear the buzzer. We’d been asleep for 3 hours by then- deep in blissful sleep. Neither of us ever fully got back to that place and so today, if you see us, be gentle.

Also, she owes us cookies or something because that shit is ridiculous.


We took Wednesday morning off to go to a hearing for the Music Man who is being evicted. He was served papers 3 months ago. He is still not out. We now have to go to trial in a month which means taking more time off. I won’t say more since it’s all hush-hush and involving the legal system.

I am so OVER his particular brand of bullshit.


The roof was leaking into another tenant’s bedroom right above where his bed is. AGAIN. Turns out someone had opened the roof hatch from the 3rd floor balcony.

I need to buy a lock.

And quit this job.


Someone broke the laundry room window from the inside since all the glass was outside the window. Why would you do that? The handle was broken off from the inside too (the window has long been painted shut).

I’m baffled.


Another tenant gave notice. In our email exchange it turns out she has not been paying her gas bill for the entire year plus she’s resided here. That’s not going to be pretty.


Our code lock box for the building’s spare keys won’t open for anyone but us.



Got a knock on the door early Wednesday from another tenant saying he can hear dripping in his kitchen walls. Plumbers came out and cut a hole in his ceiling. . . in the bathroom. I’m not clear as to why and so I’ll be calling the again today. If this is anything like the last plumbing disaster, it’s going to go on for weeks. But hey, at least everyone has a working toilet.

Knock on wood.


Got a call from a tenant wanting to pay the $30 fee for a bulky item pick up by the trash collection guys. I set it up and tell them not to block the dumpsters. I check on it as I’m driving to work and they had, yes, blocked the dumpsters. So there I am in my high heels and dress shoving a futon frame out-of-the-way because people don’t listen.


Home ownership looks more and more appealing. At least when there is bullshit it will be OUR bullshit.

11 thoughts on “More Reasons I Can’t Wait For This Gig To Be Over

  1. I don’t miss renting, and that was dealing with just my own problems! I’d probably be systematically offing the neighbors if I was in your situation.

  2. omg. i can’t believe you’ve managed to deal with so much crap from all these people for so long without needing to go to trial for a *different* reason. you know, like assault/homicide.

  3. I can’t believe the Music Man still isn’t out. And that people don’t understand that when you lock yourself out of your apartment, it isn’t like locking yourself out of your dorm room, where you can get the RA to open it. It’s like getting locked out of a house, where you suck it up.

  4. OUF. That is some seriously ridiculously bullshit. You would think people would grow up to be adults and take on, yanno, responsibilities. BUT NOT SO MUCH. If I were near by, I’d buy you two a big bottle of wine.

  5. home ownership has it’s pluses and minuses but definitely the plus is not having to deal with other people’s problems. Though when you own, you don’t have anyone to be the bad guy in your honor. It’s all on you.

  6. Ugh…I feel for you. Dealing with other people’s shit is THE WORST. And the whole court thing? Just…ugh…again.

  7. Will the Music Man even show up to his hearing, y’know, given how he’s so responsible and stuff?!?

    Also, can the building withhold that tenant’s security deposit to pay off the gas company?

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