The Ring

First, ohmygoodness THANK YOU for the outpouring of love on the last post, on Facebook, on Twitter, the texts and emails and calls. We are overwhelmed in the best way possible with all the congratulations and joy people are showering us with!

And who knew there were so many readers out there? You guys came out of hiding to comment! I’m still wading through all of them but in the meantime I thought I’d give you photos of the ring since it was a bit hard to see in the video. People really do ask you “have you set a date yet” right after you tell them you are engaged. I’m like “whoa! I just got this ring on my finger!” And while, yes, I am an event planner by trade and yes, Mr. Darcy and I have been talking about this happening for some time, we do not have a venue, a date, or any of that important stuff. BECAUSE WE HAVE BEEN ENGAGED FOR 4 DAYS.

We are going to see a venue option this weekend so we’re working on it pretty quickly as we’d like to get married sometime in October if the stars align and we get the location and the photographer we want. That means I have 9 months to birth this wedding. It can be done- but while in the midst of my busiest season at work and while we house hunt in earnest? Please just remind me everything will be fine in those moments I utterly lose my mind.

But enough of that. This blog will not become a wedding planning blog, promise! And to demonstrate that- here are shots of the ring. (ha)

It’s difficult to take a good shot of a diamond ring. But here is my beauty- it’s a round brilliant cut diamond with a platinum baguette shape on either side (for those who care).

Here’s another view of it. So dreamy. I love old rings. We got it at Pacific Galleries Antique Mall in Seattle. We looked many months ago there and saw a few sets we liked and then left the store to think more about it. I looked on line and we stopped into a jeweler in the mall and none of the rings were catching my eye. I didn’t want something I could see other women wearing. We even tried on his grandmother’s ring when we visited his family for Thanksgiving but it needed a lot of repair and Mr. Darcy said he thought it didn’t sparkle enough for me. So then we went back to the Antique Mall and this ring was still there. I tried on a couple sets from the 1940’s and ’50’s but this one just felt right. Mr. Darcy agreed. And then I tried not to throw up from excitement/nervousness.

It’s a set which really sold us. I love, love, love the band with it. So delicate and pretty. The band has 5 single cut diamonds in it.

There will be more to share, you can bet on that but for now, enjoy the pretty view of my pretty ring. I’ll be back tomorrow to post about something non-wedding related!


25 thoughts on “The Ring

  1. I love them both so much! In fact, the wedding band looks similar to mine, and I love mine because it’s fairly unusual when it comes to wedding bands these days. Y’all did really well!

    The engagement gift I share with all the smart, modern ladies I know is to encourage you to get cozy with this website: It will be your best friend when people start driving you crazy by asking you for full details of your wedding when you’ve only been engaged a week and being judgmental on decisions you make. It’s just an awesome website full of smart ladies. (there’s a link that says ‘just engaged in the top corner)

  2. so. gorgeous. i love it, and i love love love the band with it too!

    (ps: i will totally be ok if this becomes a wedding blog. i LOVE reading about people planning their weddings!)

  3. Oooh, it is very pretty and I really like the band– something you can wear without the rock ( πŸ˜‰ ) when life requires it, like when snowshoeing or whatever!

  4. Hey! I don’t mind if there is more of a wedding focus here. I love hearing those things.

    When my sis got engaged I made sure not to ask about a date right away, or venues, but she does share her ideas with me! I am really excited about helping her find the perfect dress. Are you thinking vintage for your dress?

    I love your ring. It’s dazzling. And the band is so unique!

  5. Your rings are gorgeous! I love that you will be able to wear the wedding band on its own (if you choose). Sweets designed the setting for my round diamond (from my grandmother’s engagement ring) to also have curves. Together, we designed my wedding band to fit the engagement ring, which means I cannot wear the wedding band on its own. I sometimes wish I could.

    Also, October? Awesome month to get married. Totally coming from personal experience and everything. And also? Not sure if wedding planning and other event planning is the same, so let me say this: secure your venue, catering, photographer and dress (if ordering from a traditional bridal house) asap. A lot of the other details will come together with time, but those that I listed seem to be the ones that really need the most lead time!

  6. I didn’t get a chance to watch the whole video and comment earlier but I just wanted to say congrats! And love the ring! What a great idea to go vintage.

  7. It’s really lovely! I was proposed to with my grandmothers Tiffany solitaire and before tgat I never knew I was a sparkly diamond ring girl! Just wait till you hear yourself actually saying ” but it’s so dirty right now” when you get combine tendinitis sparkliness! #godforbid #that’swhatshesaid

  8. Gorgeous – and so neat that you’re probably the only person in the world with that ring.

    Nine months will fly by. And prepare yourself for the possibility you might find a house in the middle of it all. When it rains, it pours! At least that’s how it went for us. Congratulations again, sparkle finger. πŸ™‚

  9. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you! I have been planning a wedding since December, but it seemed like everything happened/came together in the first 6 weeks. Fortunately, the places we wanted were available, so it was pretty easy. We are also picky and decisive, so it didn’t take long to make up our minds. Now it is just a waiting game until we send the invitations. (Or maybe I have missed something big? eek). We created a Google doc and track/share all wedding plans on it. It has been great for us. Anyway, enough about me! Good luck with planning! And as you can probably tell, I’d be happy to read a bunch of wedding plan blog posts. (and house hunting ones too–we are in that process as well!)

  10. I got engaged last Feb. 20 and married on Oct. 8. So YES, a quick-plan wedding is incredibly possible and actually, in my mind, preferable. Less time to obsess, you know πŸ™‚ And also YES, people ask you like 2 seconds after you get engaged when the date is. Good grief!

    But even though you’re working and house-hunting and having a life and all else, and wedding planning can be stressful, it’s also really fun and special and you’ll only do it this one time (and, I’m sure it will be amazing). So, enjoy! And totally marinate in this newly-engaged state right now; it’s so grand.

    Congrats again to you both!

  11. aw that ring is gorgeous and love how much thought you both put into it, absolutely love. also, YES. embrace the engagedness. even if you are planning for october i still vote on enjoying engagedness and throwing side eyes to the people asking detail questions already, haha.

  12. HOLY SHIT!!!!! I’ve been WAITING for this! I AM SO HAPPY FOR THE TWO OF YOU GUYS!!! I am so verrryyy happy for you.


    and I too was able to get all of it done in 10 months as well.

  13. Big congrats! Oh, how I love the pre-wedding excitement. With your super skills I’m sure you can easily plan your wedding in nine months. We were engaged for a long time (I was resistant to walking down the aisle) yet for some odd reason I was sitting at work on November 4th, thought how cool it’d be to get married 12/01/01, called my man, got his shocked agreement then started planning. Less than a month to get it done. Was a fantastic beach wedding that went together without a hitch. As you did with your ring, make it suit the two of you and forget the rest!

  14. I LOVE it! Gorgeous! I swear you can put together a wedding in 9 months. If I can do 6 months, anyone on this planet can then plan a wedding in any amount of time (no really, I’m not that great with this stuff hence why I’m not in event planning). Actually one of my friends planned her wedding within 3 months and they bought a place within that time frame as well. So YES you can do it!

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