Fashion Forward 7

The second week of the Winter Style Edition came and went. Here’s what I wore:

Day 6: Decade or Region (but in my mind I kept calling it “evoke an era”)

The dress is from I get so many compliments on it and am often asked if it is vintage. The coat is from a thrift store many years ago. (The fur is fake!)

Day 7: Bright Colors

I found it funny that the day I’m supposed to wear bright colors, I wear a lot of black. But I’d already worn my brightest dress the week prior for the monochromatic look. This dress is thrifted and in all honesty, is a maternity top/dress that I belt (from a thrift store too) with black leggings from Lane Bryant, boots from DSW and a cardigan from Target. I love the dress because there are so many colors I can use from the pattern to spice up the outfit.

Day 9: Dress Up a Coat

I feel like I dress up coats all the time so this day’s challenge wasn’t a stretch for me. This is my famous blue raincoat from Land’s End that I wear all the time. The scarf is from Old Navy. The flower pin is from some place in the mall.

Day 9: Open To Interpretation

This day’s challenge was to take the image on the left and interpret it in your own way. For most of the days leading up to this challenge I thought the sweater was a pale pink. Oops. I do not own one item of khaki colored clothing or any bulky sweaters. Thankfully this is an open interpretation challenge not a copy cat one. I’ll be honest- I did not like my outfit that day. I felt lumpy and frumpy and I’m pretty sure my raging PMS was the culprit. It would not have mattered what I wore, I would have felt ugly in it.

Day 10: Something that Scares You

I had to think long and hard about this because not a whole lot scares me when it comes to fashion. Well, except maybe wearing an ugly or ill-fitting outfit. I tend to avoid certain styles that I think will look bad on me like skinny jeans or mini skirts or sleeveless dresses/tops. I don’t own a lot of striped clothing or pants. Frankly, I don’t know how to dress casually like the rest of the world- jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirt. I have work clothes, a lot of dresses (that I consider casual) and work out clothes. In between I’m at a bit of a loss. I think I better figure this out- at least for one or two outfits.

So what scares me when it comes to fashion? Wearing a headband in my short hair. I always want to wear it but then half-way through the day I rip it out telling myself it wouldn’t stay put but really I think my head shape is odd and with my short hair it doesn’t look right. Mr. Darcy loves it when I wear headbands.

My dress is from ASOS (I got it hemmed). Belt is thrifted. Sweater from Land’s End. Scarf in hair, thrifted. Shoes from Payless.

And I confess: I only wore the scarf in my hair for half a day.


15 thoughts on “Fashion Forward 7

  1. This is a really fun idea! I love seeing what people wear. You and I share a similar style so it’s especially fun seeing yours. I feel way more comfortable in a skirt/dress and a cardigan than I do in jeans and a tshirt.

    I hope these posts continue!

  2. First, I think you HAVE to paint a Ring on the masthead of your blog! Next, All your outfits are Cute, and since you thrift, you have got better taste then many! ( my taste is Only in my mouth, so I know what I’m talking about!) I wouldn’t sweat the headband, unless you are truly uncomfortable with it.

  3. You have the best personal sense of style of anyone I’ve ever personally known. Can’t wait to see your wedding!!! (in pics, I mean)

  4. That maternity dress is possibly my favorite. I think you look really great with the colored belt and turquoise cardigan. Love love love. Also, though you probably don’t believe it, I think you look great with a scarf in your hair!

  5. I love the scarf!
    I think you can become my personal shopper one day (compensated, of course) and I will teach you the art of dressing casually yet not looking like a hungover college student. hehe!

  6. i think the headband looks adorable!! i can’t figure out a way to wear one that doesn’t make me look 14 (or as if i’m trying to look 14).

  7. DAY TEN IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always loved you in headbands and remember buying you a black and white polka dot headband for your 17th birthday, so many, many days ago!

  8. “Frankly, I don’t know how to dress casually like the rest of the world” This is probably, scratch that, definitely a good thing, Sizz. πŸ™‚ I’m the reverse. I look at your fashion posts and think, “I should really make more of an effort,” and yet, I like what’s comfy and otherwise don’t much care. I try to avoid bad colors for me (no beige!) and do look for better fits than I used to. Oddly, I like fashion, I’m just not that comfortable wearing it.

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