Minutia Monday

Friday nights are usually “me nights” because Mr. Darcy is at a local pub hanging with work buddies. Me nights are restorative even if they involve multiple episodes of House Hunters or Say Yes to the Dress (that show is awful, I cannot stop) and cooking up some tofu and veggies. I like nights where I don’t have to do anything, be around anyone, or wear a bra. This last Friday night started early because the power went out at work around 1:30pm. We waited about 45 minutes for it to come on and a minute after they sent us all home and folks were already at their cars, the power came back on. Because the Universe is a trickster. I actually had A LOT of work to do but couldn’t do it since our servers were still down after the restoration of power and so I went home too, somewhat begrudgingly because I don’t like feeling as though today is going to swallow me whole.

Saturday I went to dance, as I do every Saturday, to get my sweat on. I got to Face Time with Dumpling and Jersey Girl which was a treat because I miss them and their faces. Dumpling was all, “Cool! We’re in the future!” I don’t know why I would have a normal phone call with far away friends when I could video chat them. Then surprisingly, my sister texted to say that Finn had it in his head he was visiting me and could they come over and could I also make him pancakes. That kid really loves my pancakes. He’d been sick all week with croup, poor kiddo. He ended up in the emergency room it was so bad and when I heard what a rough night he had had, I spent too much money sending a bouquet of balloons to him. I really wanted to be able to visit, especially after my mom told me he said, “I wish TeeTee could visit. It’s nice to have visitors when you are sick.” Heart? Break. Last week was so crazy busy that I didn’t have a moment to myself and so, money to the rescue. It will never replace the value of time though. Time with your favorite kid is priceless. And so Saturday he came over with Legos and Beyblades. Do you guys know about Beyblades? Apparently they are all the rage.

After a brief visit with them, Mr. Darcy and I went over to our friends’ house who just had a baby girl to bring them food and meet the little one. Mr. Darcy is somewhat of a baby whisperer. Someone should get that man a kid! (Joking.) (Someday.) From that visit we went to another couple’s house to have dinner. They also just had a baby back in November and so going out isn’t really a thing they can do so we brought salad and they made pasta and we played with their daughter who has the biggest, cutest cheeks I’ve ever seen. And yes, we do want a baby. But one thing at a time.

Sunday kind of fell apart on me. First the stupid time change, then I drove to meet one of my fundraiser speakers at 10am and 20 minutes into waiting for her, she finally texted to say she was sorry but she had been called into work. REALLY!? You tell me this NOW?!When I am already there with tea in hand, sitting amongst the local homeless dudes which apparently all kick it at the Center House near the Space Needle. My fundraiser is in 8 days. I have not practiced with this youth speaker. That makes me anxious. And doubly annoyed. So I came home and climbed into bed with a sleeping Mr. Darcy (that man can sleep, holy shit) and felt a little less like stabby everyone.Which is good since I had lunch plans with some girlfriends. We were going to get manicures after but the wait was too long so I came home and gave myself a crappy one. But that’s how the day was shaking out so the only thing to do was roll with it.

I spent a good deal of Sunday working on our wedding website since we’re getting close to sending out save the dates. Wedding websites are very involved. Good lord, it was harder than writing on this blog which sometimes I find extremely difficult. It’s mostly done now and once we bite the bullet and put a deposit down on a caterer, we’ll have a lot of the big things done which feels good. Some of you have asked how you can send us a wedding gift (which is so sweet and totally unnecessary!) so I’m working on a way to hook that up for those who do. It will probably be a few months because life is kind of overwhelming right now.

We watched “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”– a documentary about Joe Cross, an Australian man who was 100 pounds overweight and suffering from a debilitating autoimmune disease who went on a 90 day juice fast to reboot his health. It was really inspiring. Tomato interviewed him on his radio show back in June if you want to give it a listen. So of course, now I want a juicer.

Here’s hoping Monday is kind to us.



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  1. argh, i totally missed an “o” on then end of my “too” in my comment due to too quick typing, which is one of my pet peeves… (hence the second comment, voila! and the proper use of “to” and “too” !)

  2. I guess it’s been a few days since I have checked in. I was off work Thursday and Friday. I like the new page design.

  3. Last week ate my face, so just catching up. LOVE the new design. Love.

    And love hearing your stories, friend. Keep telling them. Please. 🙂

  4. I hope your Monday was a good day.

    So, I’ve been thinking about your comments regarding a dress. This is what I did. My mom sews, and so she few to Tacoma to make my dress. We spent a whole day looking at patterns in fabric stores and all the wedding dresses were awful! So not my style at all. So we just started looking at patterns in general, and I finally found one that I liked, and so my Mom made the sleeves long, and lengthened the skirt part so it went to the floor. The dress itself was pretty casual, but we used pretty fabric and it looked great.
    So, my point is. If you don’t like the wedding dresses you’re finding, find a style you like, and have it made into a wedding dress. You know what looks good on you! Not sure if that’s an option, if you have a sewing-talented friend or relative to help out, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

  5. I still watch Say Yes to the Dress and I’m not even planning a wedding anymore. There’s something about Friday nights at home that just compel you to tune in.

    BTW, I totally smile every time I see your wedding ideas pinned on Pinterest. I wish I’d used it when I was planning!

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