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I was recently invited to a local shop opening by my friend Chris. She just so happens to be a really awesome lady AND a business lawyer who specializes in working with social media/bloggers. This is the kind of person you want to know! Her firm, Short Cressman & Burgess PLLC represent the owner of Cameos & Crowns and threw the party. I would have never seen this little gem if it hadn’t been for her invitation. It’s located in the neighborhood of Madrona- which is the cool ‘hood nearest to my work.Sometimes my coworkers and leave cubicle land for lunch at a yummy Thai restaurant there.

I got to meet the owner, Lynette Vertoch, a seasoned business owner who relocated from Los Angeles to Seattle with her family. She never intended to open another shop (this is her 4th) but here she is with Cameos & Crowns. When I asked her how she chose what went into her shop she said, “It’s just things I love.” Lynette clearly has impeccable taste because the shop is full of beautiful things- delicious smelling candles, gorgeous jewelry, soaps, and lotions. It’s a perfect shop to get a gift for someone (even yourself!). There are letterpress cards which are my personal favorite. I need to go back and buy the one that had a picture of a donkey with the words, “I’m an ass.” I haven’t recently offended anyone (I don’t think?) but I want to send it to someone.

She even makes these really cool dish towels and generously gave me a few. She also gave me this amazing basket full of candles- Saint Parfum, Linnea’s Lights, Aquiesse, and Voluspa brands- plus lotion and Butter of London nail polish. I am such a sucker for candles. It’s one of those indulgences that I usually can’t justify spending my money on but I always want. Sandalwood scent is a particular favorite of mine. You just have to take my word on this but my house smells amazing thanks to these candles. Bonus: romance lighting!

Lynette and Chris have offered a gift bag of goodies to one of my readers. Lucky you! You don’t have to live locally. They will ship it to you.You just need to leave a comment here telling me what kind of pretty little thing you’d want if you were going to indulge yourself. A candle? Some perfume? New earrings? What?  Bonus entries for those who go and like the Cameos & Crowns page on Facebook.

I’ll announce the winner on Monday.


Chris is for hire. Check her out!


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  1. This comment is for Kerri (Anne) who wanted to talk in third-person, too. She’s a big fan of Chris and thinks there is probably no such thing as too many earrings.

  2. I have been dying for one of those Voluspa candles for ages. I hear such good things! What a fun giveaway on a dreary day, thank you!

  3. I just finished “liking” the Cameos and Crowns FB page and took a tour through the photo albums. What a beautiful little shop! I love to support small businesses…just wish Seattle was just a liiiittle closer ;). If I were to indulge on a few pretty things to spoil myself a little, my list would have to include a pretty scarf (I’m a bit of a scarf-aholic, truth be told); gorgeous smelling candles (I, too, am a huge fan of sandlewood scent); funky jewellery; flavoured teas; and, yummy-smelling lotions (who doesn’t like to smell like a cupcake?). Thanks Sizz for a fun contest – we all ought to indulge in ourselves more often!

  4. I’m not sure what is indulgent at the moment other than a magazine, a latte, and 2 hours to flip through it in peace 🙂 I took a tour through the Cameos and Crowns. I love the German Easter eggs – they remind me of the year that I spent in France, filled with small chocolate eggs. YUM.

  5. This is exciting! Their store looks like one I love in Philadelphia. I would go for some earrings because I see a lot of gorgeous ones on that table that are just what I have been searching for. Beautiful. I love finding gems like this in cities. 🙂

  6. For me, new earrings or an extra dark chocolate are laways the best mood boosters 🙂
    I like the C & C FB page as Lena Maxwell.

  7. I would definitely indulge in the candles! I used to have a big assortment of them, but now they I’ve moved in with 2 greyhounds, I use them up pretty quickly. My collection is almost gone! (the dog farts…PEEEEEE-YEW!)

  8. Cameos and Crowns is definitely on my go to list of shops when I need a little retail therapy. Love the smells and atmosphere of her shop. I like to indulge with buying myself a candle or perfume, the TokyoMilk Dark scents are especially divine. I also really love the Butter London nail colors. Always have the hardest time choosing just one…. or two. 🙂

  9. Her site definitely does look lovely. It is the kind of store I love to peruse in.

    Hmm… as for what I would want. Trick question! One of everything! I love the scented candles, soaps and lotions. The scarves are gorgoeus, though I don’t normally wear them.

  10. What I really want is a pedicure and a cup of coffee, neither of which is a *thing* exactly. I would love new earrings, which are the very sort of thing I never spend money on.

  11. Let’s see, indulging. How about one of everything???? I usually can’t resist in stores like that.

    I love the colorful earrings in your photo. That’s probably what I would pick.

  12. Thanks for introducing me to this cute business! I’m a sucker for stationary so would probably snag some cards and that fun wrapping paper in the pic. That is a cute donkey.

  13. Hmmm… I have to say the candles really appeal to me, too.

    (Now I have yet another fun place to visit when I move to Vancouver this year, because I’ll need a lot of things to furnish/decorate my new home)…. Thank you for suggesting it, and for hosting the giveaway!

  14. I love earrings. And scented candles. And pretty much everything in those photos! I work nearby in Leschi and must go check out this shop! Perfect, as I am always late picking out brithday presents!

  15. I love scented candles, and right now with 3 pets who have decided to spray their scent everywhere in my apartment, I need them more than ever!

  16. Is the pink fabric with Eiffel towers on it a dish towel? If so, that is so what I’d indulge in (Pink might be our new kitchen accent colour as a result). Lately my fun pretty indulgences have been mostly scarves. I’m getting addicted…

    (PS, love, love, love the new blog design!)

  17. Oh, this would be fun to go to after a lunch date with my girlfriends. I don’t usually read about local places online 🙂 I love to buy candles as an indulgence. It’s fun to change the scents with my mood and there’s just something comforting about watching the flame.

  18. I’m a sucker for a unique necklace. I honestly feel like my outfit is incomplete until I put on a necklace. Whenever I feel like treating myself necklaces are the first thing I think of. In fact, I just treated myself to a lovely bone and silver one today…

    I may have a problem since I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 – 100 of them…

  19. What fun stuff! I’d love to get a candle. Although I DO have a candle hoarding problem, so maybe I should opt for something else…. 🙂

  20. Well I now have a “must visit in person” shop in Seattle. Thankfully a close friend just moved to Portland and has been pestering me to visit since before he left. I love jewelry, but don’t change it often (the earring I’m wearing have been in my years since before Halloween). I think I’d probably get myself a candle or something else that smells pretty and Monkey a pair of those gorgeous earrings. 🙂

  21. I just “liked” Cameos & Crowns on FB. Oh my gosh, so many cute things! I need to start saving now to have a shopping spree there. *sigh*

  22. I’ll definitely be checking out that store; its exactly my kind of place. For my entry, I’d love candles or the dishtowels you mentioned. The placement of the merchandise in her store is beautiful as well.

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