What I’ve Learned This Week

How to double dog dare the Universe into teaching you a lesson:

1) Say out loud “I hardly ever get sick since I started getting the flu shot a couple years ago. Plus, I usually get enough sleep, take daily vitamins, and work out 6 times a week.”

2) Take a 3.5 hour train ride next to a man who coughs into his scarf repeatedly.

3) Stay with your best friend who is in the throes of a nasty cold.

4) Be coming off a month of stress from planning a massive fundraiser.

5) Try to relax.

And you know what happens? YOU GET SUPER YUCKY SICK.

I missed work Monday through Wednesday. I finally dragged my butt into the office yesterday, even put on some make up, but by the time I got home that night I was worse than ever. The cold had taken over my nose and so now I’m again home, on the couch, surrounded by kleenex and sucking down tea and medicine.

I get it Universe. I won’t be so cocky next time.


12 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned This Week

  1. Awwh. Boo! to unfriendly pathogens. Here’s to hoping you’re feeling better soon and very soon. Until then, rest and rest well (and maybe watch a movie featuring Seth Rogen? I hear Rogen cures most everything). (Panda pieces piling up for you!)

  2. Wait…you were sick this week? I couldn’t tell from your incessant whining on Twitter about how you HAD A COLD, and OMG MUCUS. I finally had to unfollow you, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I can understand wanting to be comforted and pitied when you are not feeling well, but COME ON. It’s a cold, not the flu or cancer.

    • Well now, that’s quite a harsh comment. Everybody deserves to be fussy when they are sick (and do not deserve crabby remarks like this).

    • Well, good, I am glad you chose to unfollow her. We all have choices! Free country and all…
      Now you can choose to not read the blog.

  3. Blargh lady! Sounds awful. Stay home, get LOTS of rest and TLC from Mr. Darcy and maybe some from the cats (if they are feeling loving).

    Also, I would have mentally punched that man who was constantly coughing. Ugh.

    And one more thing, COMPLAIN AS MUCH AS YOU WANT WHEREVER YOU WANT about being sick.

  4. I have not been sick at all since way last summer or spring, and a week ago I got hit HARD by this yuk, worst I’ve had in years. UGH. Hate it.
    Cough cough. Anyway, take care of yourself, make Mr Darcy take care of you too. Hope you feel better soon.

    ps. omg Sara – wtf, didn’t your Mom teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. stfu already.

  5. uggghhhh the WORST. they’ve actually done studies that show that your body will “hold off” an illness until you “can” get sick – like not until after a fundraiser, or after finals, etc. not that it makes the being sick part any better!

    also, i think Sara may have misunderstood the point of twitter. it is for posting pictures of your pets/babies, and for complaining. Sara may actually have missed the point of the *internet*, now that i think about it.

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