I’ve Got Two Words For You

And they are not “I do.”

How about:



You know what that means, right? We found a house, put an offer, and are in mutual acceptance.

We went out house hunting Saturday, excited to see one house in particular that had come back on the market after buyer financing failed. After seeing a few duds, we arrived at this particular house and spent time walking around talking about the pros and cons. We hung out for a while in the kitchen/living room area almost trying to convince ourselves that we liked it. I mean, we DID like it but it wasn’t winning us over. We left to look at a few more houses, still pondering why we weren’t sold when it looked so good “on paper.”

We saw another house that had a lot of promise- spacious and upgraded with a view of Mount Rainer from the front porch but we didn’t like the neighborhood that much. We drove on to see another in a part of town we keep being drawn back to. There are a lot of houses for sale in this ‘hood and while it’s a bit far from any hub of coolness, we like the suburbaness of it. It’s about fifteen minutes on the freeway from downtown and about that far from my mom’s house and my sister’s house. The commute to work would increase for both Darcy and I but we anticipated that. There is no way we could afford a house in any of the closer downtown Seattle neighborhoods unless we had $100,000 more and were willing to buy a 2 bedroom (which we tried looking at but didn’t like).

So all this is to say that we walked into this 1954 house located on a corner lot and went WOW. Everything had been upgraded. There were hardwood floors, new carpets, two fireplaces, a stainless steel/granite kitchen and 4 bedrooms. FOUR! Plus two living rooms. The yard needs help- it has this terrible dog run that looks more like a cage and part of the fence needs to be replaced if we were to get a dog. The front has possibility for lots of planting and even the concrete backyard has promise. It’s good to have some projects to plan for, right?

Living room #1

We left there knowing we wanted it. After discussing it with our agent and broker, we put in an offer on Easter for the asking price. Yesterday, the sellers countered and we agreed to the new terms (we’re folding in $4000 to our loan amount to cover closing costs). They had another offer that didn’t ask for closing costs to be covered but since we got our offer in first and our agent wrote a cover letter that impressed them, they gave us dibs.

Upgraded kitchen (that isn't my dream kitchen but I can live with it until we can make some changes to it)

We’re at the top of what we want to spend but it’s do-able. We decided to put only 5% down instead of 10% because with the wedding and having to furnish a 4 bedroom house, we’ll need some cushion and with the 10% option we were worrying about being capital B Broke. The inspection is scheduled for Sunday so we should know more then. It’s all moving very fast but that’s how it goes with house buying. We have spent so many hours looking for houses and driving around that it’s hard to believe this is actually happening. But it is!

Well hello house!

Keep your fingers crossed for us, ok?


38 thoughts on “I’ve Got Two Words For You

  1. If you saw my kitchen, you’d think that that kitchen is the most wonderful kitchen in the world! Congratulations on finding something you’re so happy with!

  2. Cute! Congratulations! I’ve got my fingers crossed that the inspection and rest of the closing stuff goes smoothly.

  3. That is beautiful! Good luck! Stand firm on your inspection results and ask the seller to fix everything. The worst they can say is no, and usually they say yes – especially since anything you find has to be disclosed to any other offers.

  4. It’s super cute! You could definitely start enjoying it right away, even if you do have a few projects planned for down the road

  5. I am excited for you (!!), but admit that reading this sent me into my own personal “being a grownup, making big decisions, huge life overhauls” freakout mode.
    (and agree with you on the kitchen, it’s not perfect but it is a really good starting point for something amazing!)

  6. Great that you found a place that you like. I actually kind of love that kitchen, but I’m not big on spending time on the kitchen anyway and just like how it looks.

  7. I love it! Good luck! It’s gorgeous. I especially like the part about how it’s been updated and is on a corner lot. Awesome!

  8. What capital B BIG news! LOVE that everything has been upgraded. It will save you so much time and money — you can focus on your touches and finishings. LOVE all the light in your living area, and love the size of your yard. And you know what? My very first house was a smallish buff brick cottage, just like your charmer. So, so, so exciting!

  9. Oh congratulations! Wow, this is such a big year for you guys…so many exciting things! The house is beautiful, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you two.

  10. Oh my gosh! It’s beautiful! I love the hardwood floors. And the tile in the kitchen, even though it’s not your dream kitchen. I hope the inspection goes well! And hope you are feeling better this week!

  11. The awesome thing about how much time you’ve spent looking for homes is that when you see a new home, you know pretty immediately how it stacks up to not only your expectations, but also to other homes on the market. And … when you see one that works, you know you’ve got to jump on it. I’m so excited for the two of you. Keeping my fingers crossed that the inspection doesn’t uncover any deal breakers and that you’ll follow in our footsteps and move into your new home in May/June/July and get married in October! =)

  12. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed! I won’t say congrats now; I’ll keep it for when you sign on closing. 🙂

  13. I hate to be creepy, but I love looking at real estate in our neighborhood and have seen this home previously in online listings and I thought it was a beautiful home.
    We also live near by and we love it here!

  14. Yay! Very excited for you guys! Keeping my fingers crossed there are no deal breakers and you can stop being busy looking and get busy livin’. Or packing and painting and blah blah blah! But mostly, that you’ll never have to deal with tenants again! 😉 xo

  15. That is EXACTLY the kind of home I imagined you in. Also, the flooring and kitchen backsplash are phenomenal! [The backsplash tile retails for around $14 per square foot. It’s GORGEOUS.] Whoever rehabbed, flipped or staged the house REALLY knew what they were doing.


  16. That house is so amazing that at first I thought you’d just posted stock photos of houses from magazines and stuff as stand-ins for your actual home. But that’s your ACTUAL HOME!

  17. Oh my gosh, this is so exciting!! The house is adorable, and COZY! I hope you get your home, I’d love to see the amazing home projects you have in mind for it!

  18. Great house! That yard has crazy amounts of potential. Congratulations and I hope all goes well and smoothly with the inspection and move. 🙂

  19. As a fellow Seattle-ite going through the home purchase process for the last 6 months (ack!) I can so relate – and I have to ask – if it’s not too nosy, what neighborhood did you end up in?? If that’s TMI for the blog world, I understand.

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