Treat Yourself!

My birthday is on the 18th of this month (in a week! eek!). The myriad of feelings I’m experiencing about entering into my last year of my 30’s is a post unto itself. Let’s talk about that later and instead look at pretty things I’d buy myself as a presents if I were going to treat myself:

A new wallet.

A new purse.

Colorful, dangly earrings.

A fun, flirty, Spring-time dress.

NARS Flamenco lipstick.

A new pair of shoes.

Another tattoo.


15 thoughts on “Treat Yourself!

  1. Love this stuff! I’m thinking of treating myself to something after my race next month. Not sure what, yet, but these are great ideas.

  2. I’m doing the same thing lately, everytime I see soething pretty I would like to buy myself, I just post it onto pinterest and it feels a little bit like it’s mine, because I can always go back and look at it. It’s a great way to feel the satisfaction of “getting” things you ike and want, but not spending money you don’t have for them.

  3. Uh, IF you’re going to treat yourself?? You mean WHEN you’re going to treat yourself right? Love all those and love the colors you go for! So very pretty.

  4. I like the whole 40 is the new 20 thing…Although, I am 45 and don’t feel the least bit older than 25…Ha ha well for the most part anyway…

  5. Love it all! I want you to make my birthday wishlist for me. It’s in July, but you can get started now if you want.

    I really want a new long, vegan wallet. There was this schweet cat one on Amazon but now it’s unavailable.

  6. Oooh, I love your choice of gifts! The accessories (LOVE the earrings), dress, and kitten-heel shoes are exactly what I’d choose, too. 🙂 Happy early birthday!! 😉

  7. And now I’m going to have those Parks & Rec clips in my head for the rest of the day (which is AWESOME, for the record). “Treat yo’self” indeed.

    Also, another tattoo! I vote yessssss. #inkenabler

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