Yesterday we spent the morning at what we hope will be our new home while the home inspection and sewer scope took place.

The inspector was really thorough and took the time to explain everything he found in detail to us in such a way that made us feel informed and not at all dumbed-down to. He said a couple times, “This is a beautiful house” and our agent even said she would buy the house (and she rarely, if ever, says that). It was nice to hear that validation from two people who work with houses day in and day out. I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Darcy and I fell a little more in love with it. We measured rooms and windows and dreamed up which furniture would go where and what furniture we’d need to buy.

The main living room with amazing windows & light.

Second downstairs living space- both with wood burning fireplaces.

The inspector did say that the roof had been pressure washed and thus, the shingles were in bad shape. He recommends replacing the roof entirely so we’re going back to the seller to ask for that plus a fix of the dryer vent which is apparently made from unsafe materials and could be a potential fire hazard. There are some other roof-related things that we’ve combined into the roof estimates we’re getting on Tuesday.

Fingers and toes crossed the seller will meet us on this because we already folded closing costs into our loan and with the home inspection, sewer scope, and appraisal costs, we’re over $1,000 on those fees. I just keep reminding us whenever we start to panic as our bank account goes down and down and down, that we are investing in our future.

Front of the house. The railings need a coat of paint and to be sealed. There's also room to plant flowers. I'd like to spray paint the screen door white to match the white of the windows (same for railings).

This house is move-in ready which ultimately saves us bundles of cash. Sure, we’re going from a one bedroom apartment to a four bedroom house with two living rooms and a yard which means buying furniture but luckily I’m a bargain shopper and love garage sales, thrift stores, and craig’s list. Like this gem I found for $60 at Goodwill this weekend:

Plus, I love fixing up old furniture, sewing pillows,  and hand-making things. BONUS: I will have a room entirely for me and my crafting with an area for meditation and yoga. I’ve already started decorating it in my mind. Just like Mr. Darcy has started to plan out his Nerd Den.

That left corner area will be where Mr. Darcy sets up his art and nerditry.

We’re excited. When we’re not panicking about money. And thankfully the sewer scope came back clean (well, not literally because EW). There is a large tree on the side of the house and a couple of stumps that, if removed, could help alleviate roots growing into the pipeline. We’re just glad there were no blockages.

Even the kitchen kind of grew on me while I was there. It's small but efficient. It's dark but there are lots of beautiful cabinets. I think I'll manage.

We even walked over and introduced ourselves to some neighbors who were out doing yard work. They are probably in their 30’s too and have lived in the neighborhood about 3-4 years. They said it’s a quiet street and they don’t know why more people haven’t found out about the neighborhood and moved there. It’s still close enough to town but you’re out in tranquil suburbia. It was nice to be at the house for a couple of hours to see people walking around, driving by, in their yards doing maintenance.

I can see us settling in quite nicely there, having friends visit on vacations, throwing backyard bbqs and dinner parties, building up the fence so we can adopt a dog, having a child who plays freely out in the yard and later, as a teen, slams their door in frustration at us then blares their music, and the cats roaming the place in search of the perfect patch of sunlight.

If all goes well, we could close on May 22nd. Keep thinking good thoughts, please.


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  1. The month of August last year (when we closed on our house/took a ten day vacation while e paperwork got sorted/and celebrated my birthday) is just a blurry memory of me blindly writing checks for all the fees, inspections, services, etc.. My poor Rock Star was in a constant state of panic (poor guy hates paying for parking, the cost of a house was too much for his little frugal heart). But for all time, one of my favourite memories will be us going there with the keys and cars packed full and walking around our empty house. Ours. It was amazing.
    ….followed by two full days of moving chaos where I still went to work each night due to a lack of subs for me. That part wasn’t very fun at all.

    Good luck. And remember to stop and breathe and hold hands during those tiny moments of Ours.


  2. YAYAYAYAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! So excited for you. A couple thoughts. One, that dryer vent fix should be pretty inexpensive, so don’t let it be a deal breaker. Instead, definitely focus on the roofing issues. And, if the seller balks at your quote, suggest they have someone come out for a second quote. Also, it’s not uncommon that the seller and buyer split the difference on a project like that, so don’t be surprised if that’s their response. GOOOOOOOOOD LUCK – you could be grilling out in your own yard by Memorial Day!!!! xoxo

  3. Haha Nilsa beat me to the YAY!

    I’m so excited for you guys and totally look forward to seeing how you decorate! That Goodwill chair is awesome!

    When I bought my house, I was really nervous about the money thing too and Mr. W kept assuring me that it would work out and I would adjust to having a mortgage. He was right. I bet it’ll end up being a lot less stressful than you think it’ll be. Especially because you’ll be so madly in love with the house – you won’t want to go out any more! 😉

  4. Good luck! I hope you hear soon, too bad you don’t already have the yoga space, it might be useful for the waiting period. The place sounds wonderful, the front is such a classic Seattle look – love it!! Do you like lavender? I always wanted a rock wall like that with lavendar.

  5. Woohoooo!!! It seems like since you guys are putting quite a bit of money down, the seller will fix up the big things (i.e. roof). Usually they’ll ask if you want them to remove some cost off the price of the place, but let them hassle with it and make the fixes. (That’s actually what we did. I said no way am I going to spend time and money making the fixes. The seller can.)

    Crossing fingers, toes and everything else that all keeps going well!!

  6. Eeek! It’s becoming more and more real! Still sending positive thoughts and energy your way, you and Mr. Darcy deserve this sunlit, roomy, and beautiful home.

  7. I really like the kitchen. You mentioned that it is dark. Maybe some inexpensive under cabinet mounted lights to illuminate the work areas would help? It also looks like there is a wee bit of space between the cabinets and ceiling? The right kind of lighting hidden up there would make a difference in the overall brightness. I can’t wait to see some pictures after you are all moved in!

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