Mexico is the new France

We originally thought we’d honeymoon in Paris. That is, before we made a budget for our small wedding and found a house to buy. Now Paris is going to have to wait for an anniversary trip because our bank account could not take the cost of that trip. Mr. Darcy is very sad as he really, really wanted to go there. (I promise, my love, we will make it there one day!)

Luckily a great deal via Bloomspot came to my in box. The dreamy images of water, sun, and sand lured me in. I sent it over to Mr. Darcy and we talked it over, did some research on it, read reviews and looked into the cost of flying non-stop from Seattle to Mexico. Then, for good measure, we slept on it. The next day we were still thinking about it and so, we bought it.

Six nights, seven days, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa.

You had me at "infinity pool."

Lounge chair is Spanish for relaxation.

I wish I could go there right now.

This place has a spa (hello! massages!), horseback riding, jet skiing, zip-lining (no thanks, terrified of heights), and so much more. We’re jazzed that it is ALL INCLUSIVE which means we don’t have to really think about anything except lounging, swimming, eating, drinking, and relaxing. I think after all the stress of the wedding planning, THIS is exactly what we will need.

Many of you have asked about where we are registered and so I’m including the link to our honeymoon fund plus adding it to my sidebar. There is absolutely no pressure to give but since you asked, here you go.

One more thing off our list. If we keep going at this rate, what will I have to do?!


14 thoughts on “Mexico is the new France

  1. It looks/sounds wonderful! I know people have all different kinds of ideas about travel, and even honeymoon travel. But after all the inevitable stress that leads up to a wedding day, I have to believe that relaxation must be the more appealing choice to recover from all of that. And then you aren’t feeling pressure to go! do! see! like you might in Paris. Which will wait. 🙂

  2. “Infinity pool?” Um, yes, please. (A Mexican honeymoon looks and sounds lovely. As does Paris as an anniversary trip. Three cheers for travel! And lounge chairs.)

  3. We went to an all-inclusive in Puerto Vallerta last month. It was amazing. That’s the PERFECT plan for post-wedding. Do take a taxi ride into downtown one of the days. It is very pretty, and you can get more “local” food.

  4. We did an inclusive Mexican honeymoon and I was so glad we did. It was wonderful to be able to just relax and not worry about sending too much at fancy (or not so fancy) restaurants. Also, the laying (lying?) on the beach with a drink (also included in most packages) is the bomb.

  5. I think Vahid went to Puerto Vallarta for his senior trip. Not that that has any relevance but it’s where I know the name from. (I’ve never actually been to Mexico so I don’t know any of the town names well, or at all).

    But it looks like you’ll have an amazing time!

  6. That looks like a fantastic resort! And spa!!
    We went to Italy for our honeymoon and I loved every minute of the go-go-go. The last time we went to Cabo, though, we went all-inclusive, and it was the most wonderfully relaxing, stress-free vacation ever.

  7. Looks wonderful. I have a friend who did an all-inclusive Mexican resort honeymoon and RAVES about it. I assume you’ll blog from the resort? 🙂

  8. Can you believe I’m from Southern California, and have never been to Mexico??
    Sounds like you’ll have terrific honeymoon stories to tell! My parents went to Puerto Vallarta one summer a few years ago, and LOVED it. They took a day trip somewhere nearby (can’t remember where, but I can ask if you’d like), and had only good things to say about it.

  9. OOO! That is going to be AMAZING! You are really going to be able to relax. It took us a few days to figure that out on our honeymoon, but once we did, it was so amazing to just chill!

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