The Last Song for The Music Man

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We told our landlords about the house and our subsequent move via email and oddly enough, the wife part of the team didn’t respond. She’s the one I’ve dealt with mostly these past 4 years. Her husband, who I would reach out to with higher up questions like excessive noise complaints and setting rent rates, responded kindly. I know they are happy for us but disappointed to lose us as managers.

The big question for Mr. Landlord was if I was going to still testify in court against The Music Man. I responded, “Yes! I consider it my parting gift to get that guy out of here.”

I haven’t mentioned the goings-on regarding The Music Man since the law got involved a few months back. After serving him with multiple 10 day notices we had a case to move towards eviction. The papers were drawn up and hand delivered and we thought we were moving forward towards FINALLY making him move. He’s lived here at least 8 years and in my four years here complaints about his noise level and erratic behavior have rivaled the plumbing issues- and this is a building that was built in 1908 so it has a lot of those!

The first time we went to court it ended up with Mr. Landlord caving to an agreement that if The Music Man made any noise that disturbed the peace and enjoyment of fellow tenants we could take him back to court. The tenant living above The Music Man has been enduring A LOT and was not happy about this outcome as he desperately wants him out so he can enjoy living in peace and quiet. Mr. Darcy and I were furious because we were still in the same place of having to monitor and deal with this guy who is, at best, a passive aggressive jerk off.

But Mr. Landlord knew he was giving The Music Man just enough rope to hang himself. The Music Man cannot help himself and with in TWO DAYS of the agreement, he was blasting his music at full volume. We have, at present, 9 separate instances in the span of 2 weeks where he was in violation of the agreement. Ho boy!

The final one is a real kicker though. On the night before our second court hearing, I got a text from the tenant above The Music Man saying he’d called the cops. For months now Mr. Darcy and I have been somewhat helpless in dealing with this because we’re instructed to not interact with The Music Man which means we can’t go knock (bang) on his door to get him to turn his music down. And frankly, it wouldn’t matter if we did because he does not respond. He’s past all common sense. He’s in full on retaliation mode. We’ve only been able to witness the violations so that we can testify in court which has sucked because I have a lot of choice words I’d like to say to The Music Man, none of which would probably change the situation but for a moment might make ME feel better.

The music that night was at the loudest volume I’ve ever heard it in my 4 years here. I could hear it from the top of the stairs. I could make out all the words. Standing in the tenants apartment, the floor was vibrating from the bass. It was out of control. For the 20 minutes I stood there talking to the tenant, it never turned down even when the songs changed. The tenant would say, “Oh yeah, this song is a favorite of his.” Finally the cops showed up after about 30 minutes (that’s quick for a noise complaint) and luckily The Music Man was still blaring his tunes. A cop knocked on his door with no answer. So they amped it up- another cop was outside banging on his windows while the officer inside started banging on his door. At first The Music Man would yell out in the same crazy tone of voice, “how can I help you officer?” in between breaks in the banging. Yet, he would not open the door. He finally turned off the music but never opened the door. Mr. Darcy and I came down with our master keys and as I handed them to the officer he asked me, “Is this guy mental or just an a-hole?”

“Um. . . both, officer.”

The Music Man had locked an old deadbolt that I do not have a key to so we could not gain entry. Meanwhile it’s so quiet from inside his apartment. Even his dog didn’t bark. Like what is he thinking? We clearly know he is home. He has gone completely off the deep end.Β  The officers gave us a complaint number and we added it to all the others to bring to court as evidence. The cops have been out to the building more in the last 3 months than probably ever thanks to this situation. Plus, The Music Man had started calling the cops on the tenant above him completely out of malice. He’d say that it sounded like things were being thrown and were breaking when the tenant was asleep on his couch. It’d be 2am when the buzzer would wake the tenant and us up with the officers at the door.

This morning Mr. Landlord will be here at 9am to search The Music Man’s apartment for any and all electronic devices. The court ordered yesterday that he is not allowed to have any until his supposed move out date on May 3rd. His lawyer balked at that and the judge said, “No electronics! Have your client get a newspaper or read a book!” (Which was pretty much my favorite moment of the morning followed by when The Music Man fed his dog a raw hide and he started chomping on it loudly.). His lawyer claims that The Music Man is relocating to California and will be out by May 3rd and if he is not, we will put the eviction into motion (which can take up to 2 weeks) finally and forcibly remove him. The best case scenario is that he leaves on the 3rd FINALLY and sort of on his own accord without violating the courts stipulation of having electronics in his unit. I know he is afraid of Mr. Landlord and having him search his unit while he stands there is probably sending him further off the deep end.

But, my sympathy is at its end. In my tenure as manager, he has been the biggest issue and time suck for me. For years I’ve dealt with his bullshit, his crazy-making behavior, his passive aggressive, manipulative harassment.** I’m d-o-n-e. I hope he can find some peace in California and leave us in Seattle to ours.

**If you don’t know about The Music Man, click on the links in that sentence. That will give you some insight to his crazies!

People are asking so I’ll give you an update- we are pending on the house, awaiting appraisal and underwriting. The seller agreed to fix all the things we wanted (including a new roof!) and so we are hopeful but not ready to throw confetti yet. Keep those fingers crossed, please.

15 thoughts on “The Last Song for The Music Man

  1. Wait, is that your official announcement that you got the house?!!
    Did I miss a post somewhere? I have been anxious to hear if the deal went through.
    Well congratulations!

  2. Your time in that building has been way too defined by Music Man. I’m so glad he has to move on.

    And I’ve been wondering about the house since your offer deadline was up- good news so far! yay!

  3. UGH, what an ordeal. i don’t understand how people get to the place where they’re able to justify that sort of behavior to themselves. SO GLAD you will hopefully ALL be free of him soon!!

  4. OMG I hope he gets the hell out of there and stops bothering ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Or really all living things. Geez. Crossing fingers that all the various steps go well so you can get your new home!

  5. I’m so glad he’s finally going to be GONE. Also? This cracked me up:

    β€œIs this guy mental or just an a-hole?”

    β€œUm. . . both, officer.”


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