Help me pick out my wedding earrings!

I’m at the point where I need to pick out accessories for the big day. I’ve got the dress which was surprisingly easy but when it comes to accessorizing, I’m feeling a bit paralyzed. For day to day accessorizing, I tend to go bold- I like chunky jewelry, big earrings, bright colors. But for my wedding day? I don’t know if that will fly. Especially since my dress is pretty classic in its style. Our wedding will have hints of vintage to it and so I think I should go for a bit of that without overplaying it.

I have decided to go with a lace bolero like this one:

My mom offered her wedding dress as an option for the lace to make it. I love the idea of my “something old” being something of my mom’s. I just need to find someone to make it for me. I won’t be wearing a veil but instead a big flower, maybe a gardenia or something like that. My hair will still be short(ish).

I figure I can always funk it up when it comes to the shoes since my dress is long and they will only really be seen when I’m dancing (oh and you better believe I will be dancing my butt off!). I’ll probably go for something sparkly or something teal. Our colors are coral and teal and the flowers will likely run the gamut of pale pink to orange to coral. We’re not being super tied to the whole “color theme” thing.

So! Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to for earrings:

Option 1:

Chandelier Drop Earrings

Option 2:

Octagonal Earrings

Option 3:

Petal Earrings

Option 4:

Pear-Cut Earrings

Option 5:

Petal Dangling Earrings

Option 6:

Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings

And yes, this is me narrowing down my choices. Be glad you weren’t among the first group who were emailed options!

Please cast your vote and I’ll make my decision on Friday.


22 thoughts on “Help me pick out my wedding earrings!

  1. I picked the last pair! Mainly because I don’t really like post earrings in general, but also because they’re pretty and they’re rounded like the lace on the bolero and the bust line of the dress. Second choice would be #1 – they’re funky and the most vintage, I think!

  2. If they were on me, I would vote for #2 (Octagon).
    But, I can’t really say for sure they are the ideal for you. I sort of like #3 (Petal) or #5 (Petal Dangling).
    All I’ve really done is narrow it from 6 options to 3.
    Good luck!

  3. Okay, I voted but I say don’t be afraid of color or your usual style even with the style of your dress! I kept trying to find jewelry that “fit” my dress. I couldn’t settle on anything, so I wore exactly what I might wear on any given day, which were my favorite bronze hoop earrings (I’m wearing them right now in fact) and a strand of peacock blue beads. They helped me feel like myself!

  4. I liked options 1, 2, 4, and 5 the best. I wish you had posted a picture of your face and hairstyle as well. I thought 1, 2, and 5 were all pretty in different ways, but that 4 might look the best on you with your hairstyle and bringing the eyes up to your face rather than dangling down.

  5. i voted for 3 because i think statement earrings are always a good thing πŸ˜‰ but any of these would be gorgeous for sure!

  6. Honestly, they’re ALL gorgeous, but I also picked #2! I would love to own any of these earrings. I’m curious where #2 is from!

  7. Holy crap that’s a hard choice! I chose option 4. Don’t know why, but I really liked those!

  8. I am really digging 3 and 4. They are just so unique and YOU! And I cannot wait to see the finished look! You are going to look so fab πŸ™‚

  9. I am surprised that I picked the pair that most others like too. Who knew, maybe I do have a little fashion sense after all. πŸ˜‰ They are simple but elegant. I like them.

  10. i voted for #3. Actually for my wedding, I borrowed my friend’s mother’s earring from her wedding. Man, after all the drinking I did I was so worried I would lose them but in the end, I was glad I had them as her parents have been married for over 40 years.

  11. Definitely voted for #2, the minute I saw them, I thought they’d look terrific with your dress (I love the style you chose, by the way!). They’re a very classy pair, with a beautiful hint of color.

    The lace bolero idea is fantastic! I love boleros, and I love lace! Not to mention a flower in your hair instead of a veil. You’re going to look spectacular.

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