I Don’t Want To Do Today: Exhibits A, B, C & D

Yesterday we got an email from our real estate agent that cc’d our broker and a new lender basically telling us that we had to move forward with moving our loan from one guy to the other. This was the first we were hearing of it as far as it being a done deal because our broker failed to call us Friday afternoon to tell us in person like he promised our agent he would. For some unknown reason, the only bank he seems to be able to work with for our loan is the one bank in the Universe who is pushing back on the six month thing and will not give the loan until after the seller has owned the house for 6 months (this is a matter of days, seriously). The seller buys and flips houses all the time and has never had this issue. Our agent has sold many houses like this and there has never been a financing issue. And the irony is, we went with a broker so he could shop around for the best deal for us and here we are back to the original guy who is only at ONE bank that our agent had suggested at the beginning.

So last night, instead of relaxing, we had to resubmit every piece of paperwork to the new guy and fill out his bank’s on line application. It sucks but we don’t want to not get this house so we will scramble to deliver whatever is necessary so we can close on May 23rd. Hopefully this new guy can make it work and at the rate we were originally quoted with the first lender. The first guy was really good about explaining stuff but this new guy is a big more brisk and talks in lender codes I don’t fully understand.


Yesterday as I was driving to work and on the phone (hands free!) talking to the plumber, my car seized up. I was on a busy street about 4 blocks from my office when the gas and battery light came on. My gas gauge was low but I didn’t think it was THAT low. It was a small miracle that I was able to coast into a gas station a block away. I filled the tank up and prayed that was the issue. Once full, the car started up fine and I was able to drive it to work. Thinking I’d solved the problem and gotten off easy (phew!), I got in my car at the end of the work day with no qualms. I was about 6 blocks from my apartment when the car did the same thing. . . with a full tank of gas. I managed to turn the car off and restart it after a few tries. I made it home with my hands gripping the wheel in total panic.

Which is how I will be driving to the mechanic today, hoping that my car makes it all the way out there without needing to be towed. And please don’t let it be an expensive fix! All our money is going into the wedding and the house.


While making dinner last night, in the midst of us both swearing at the computer because we were frustrated about the loan documents, I burned my knuckle on the inside of the oven. So much so that it blistered. And this morning at 6am it brushed against the comforter and I experienced a shooting pain in my hand. The blister had inadvertently popped.



Around 9:45 last night I got a call from a tenant who was locked INSIDE her apartment. Before you go thinking she’s an idiot, this building is very old and many of the doorknobs are ancient. I’ve seen this happen before but usually the tenant is outside of their apartment, not inside. Mr. Darcy and I tried to get it to open but ultimately we had to call an emergency locksmith who came out 30 minutes later. By this time we’re both exhausted and wishing we were in bed but we’ve got to stay up and pay the guy (with our own money then get reimbursed). The locksmith was a bit flummoxed but managed to use these air bags that he slid into the door crack, pumped up, and used to push the door open. It was pretty cool, actually. He was pressing his body weight on the door when the door popped open with a loud noise. He couldn’t replace the door knob because the mechanism was so old that the empty space it left in the door would not accommodate the new knob without adding more wood. So the tenant can at least get in and out of her apartment but I have to get our regular locksmith to come out today to finish the repair.


See why I want to stay in bed today?


16 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Do Today: Exhibits A, B, C & D

  1. I once got trapped in my bathroom because the doorknob just kept spinning and not actually connecting with the lock, completely stripped. I had to unhinge the window in order to get out and crawl out into several prickly bushes (and, no, I wasn’t wearing shoes). I feel for your tenant.

  2. Holy Crimony! I may have just had an anxiety attack at my desk reading this. GAH! I’ve been there, with all of the effing stressful things happening all at once and all I can say is I hope it is over soon! Fingers crossed for your mechanic experience today. And the house will all be worth it once you guys are in there! Sending happy stress free vibes your way!

  3. Kinda sounds like it might be an alternator problem… good luck. Car drama ruled my life for about 5 years. It sucked big time, and I totally freeze up still any time something icky happens with my car.

  4. Ugh! As if re-doing all that loan paperwork is not bad enough! I hope the rest of the week is better!

    Steven burned his hand on the stove a few weeks ago and it blistered really bad too 😦

    That is really interseting how they opened the door!

  5. ugh x 100. i bet you cannot WAIT until you only have to deal with your OWN problems in your new house!!! fingers crossed that the new loan paperwork goes quickly & smoothly after all this hassle… ugh ugh ugh.

  6. I am glad to hear that I am not the only person to ever get locked in my apartment. However, my landlord responded to the situation by telling me that his handyman was out of town for the next few days. My reply – maybe should I call a locksmith, Landlord – um…they are kind of expensive, let’s not do that just yet. My husband ended up coming home from work [while thinking I was an idoit who just couldn’t get the door open], climbing in a window, taking the door off the hinges and knocking it down. I still can’t believe my landlord really thought waiting until his handy man came home was an acceptable solution!
    Sounds like you had a frustrating day – hoping today is going much better!!

  7. Have you ever had a “not expensive” emergency car fix? Because I feel like every time we bring the truck in for any sort of repairs (outside of an oil change), it’s hundreds of dollars.

    PS – you need Friday and a good glass of wine.

  8. You’ve got a lot on your plate this week. Holy moly. I can’t wait for your house deal to close, too! I hope it all goes smoothly from here on out, and if there has to be glitch, I hope it’s minor!

  9. I’ve told you this before, I think, but my mother was a property manager. I lived your life from age 10 until I left for college. I can’t tell you how many times I swore Hell to the No every time a tenant knocked on our door or called my mother. I hated every minute of it. The only upside was that many of them were elderly and they often left things to her when they died. I have a bedroom suite today that my mother inherited from a tenant.

  10. UGH. I so hope the rest of this week calms the f&*#$&# down for you (excuse my French). When it rains it friggin’ pours doesn’t it? Stupid true cliche saying.

    One of our friends ran into a variety of issues when he and his wife were trying to buy a place last year. One of them being a completely incompetent underwriter who gave them so much grief. The underwriter was eventually fired (for being a complete idiot) and when they were assigned a new one, things moved A LOT faster. Here’s to hoping that things work out for you both super soon!

  11. Have you thought about asking the owner to rent the house to you until the six months are up and then move forward with the loan. Just a thought.

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