Here’s Where The Story Ends

It’s been a long week, friends.

I’ve lost track of time, each day hoping it would be Friday and yet, here Friday is, and I am up to my eyeballs in building management stuff so much that I had to take the day off work to deal with it all.

Yesterday morning I had multiple emails and texts from tenants complaining that The Music Man’s dog was barking and howling. It was 6am when the first alert arrived. I got dressed and had to wake Mr. Darcy. Poor Mr. Darcy, he had not gone to bed until 1am because his dad flew in from New Jersey and he went to pick him up. We made our way warily down to the apartment. I knocked repeatedly and announced myself as I unlocked the door. The dog started running around the apartment- the filthy apartment that is littered with papers and clothes and trash- dragging his leash around. We cautiously entered and I suspiciously eyed every lump of clothes for a body outline.

The Music Man was not there.

The poor dog did not have water, had shit on the bathroom floor, and had a giant bag of dog food open on the kitchen floor. I felt terrible for him and took him outside to go the bathroom while I called The Music Man’s only remaining friend and his case worker. Of course neither answered as it was just 7am. We put water and food out and locked the dog back up in the apartment until I could get ready to go to work and take him with me. He howled and cried as we walked away. Poor pup has serious separation anxiety.

I knew that our landlord would tell me to call SPCA for a pick up. Even Mr. Darcy was encouraging it at this point and I did consider it but decided that I had to go with my heart and take the dog with me. I called the friend and the case worker again telling them I had the dog with me and they had until noon to contact me about the plan for the dog or else I would have to call the SPCA.

Luckily my work allows dogs and I have a flexible schedule because not 30 minutes after we arrived, the friend called and said I could bring him over and he’d keep him. So we packed up and I went back to my neighborhood to drop him off. The friend swears that The Music Man cannot have him back until he gets help. During the middle of the night The Music Man had called this friend and left a voicemail that said, “Corporations are people.” and then hung up. So yes, it’s a good idea to keep the dog safe until he gets some much-needed psychological help.

Later in the day I learned that The Music Man was in the ER and had been for most of the night. His doctors were trying to get him to agree to go into an assisted care facility but he was resisting. This surprises no one. Even his friend, who came by around 10pm last night to sort through the debris in The Music Man’s apartment said as much. He’s known The Music Man for 20 years and he wasn’t always like this even if he was always a drama queen. He performed in LA and on Broadway. He studied acting with the likes of Eric Stoltz and Helen Hunt, but his life took a very different turn. Apparently, one night this week The music Man had gone to a local hotel to check in but called his friend saying he had no money and could he lend him some. The friend said no, of course, but we think that might be why The Music Man can’t find his luggage. He probably left it at the hotel. When I asked why he would go stay at a hotel the friend replied, “Because he’s psychotic.”

Sad and true.

As it stands now, The Music Man is still in the hospital. His dog is safe with a friend that will care for him indefinitely. The tenants of my building will not longer be disturbed by all the noise, the cops, the paramedics, the music played at insanely high volumes. The guys are here right now hauling away what is left in the apartment- a bed, a couch, miscellaneous lamps, clothes, and crap. Later, the locksmith will come and change out the locks and then the cleaning service will arrive to give it a deep cleaning. Then the painters will come, new blinds will be hung, a new stove will be installed and the carpet will be pulled up and replaced.  And this apartment that was a source of so much trouble for so many years can finally be rented to a new tenant, one who hopefully is quiet, keeps to him or herself, and maybe doesn’t even enjoy music.

I truly hope The Music Man gets the help he needs and lives out his days in peace.


17 thoughts on “Here’s Where The Story Ends

  1. What a journey. And what an ending to a story we have all been following for so many years. And so interesting that it resolves right as you prepare for your next chapter!

  2. I read your previous post and didn’t get a chance to comment. This is so sad on so many levels, and while I know it has been a huge and unwelcome stress on the two of you, in some weird machinations of the universe it was meant to be that two caring people like you and Mr. Darcy would be the ones to enter the Music Man’s life. Because whoa, I don’t know what would have become of him and his dog otherwise.
    Mental health care has progressed exponentially in this country but it is still a huge mess. I understand why a patient must consent to care, but it blows my mind that things must get this bad and still a patient cannot be committed against their will. There is an author whose name escapes me who is a sufferer of schizophrenia, has been locked up twice, and is a Harvard Law grad who advocates for mental patients. She had a lot of good thoughts on whether or not we lock sick people up against their will (ultimately leaning toward yes, it’s a good idea).
    *sigh* Happy Friday, sweetie. Drink some wine, snuggle with Darcy, and dust off your angel wings from a hard week’s work.

  3. Wow. You’ve gone above and beyond. I hope he gets some help and you get some peace.

  4. What a really sad story. I’m sure there will be more trips and falls in the Music Man’s life – let’s hope, though, he accepts help when it’s offered and works towards a better life. What a shame.

  5. Oh, this is such an upsetting story to read; I can’t imagine what it is like to be living it. The Music Man and the dog are soooo lucky that you are the manager. I would hate to think what would have happened if a less caring, less thoughtful, not as wonderful person was there instead of you. What a send off for you. Ugh!

  6. I hope he gets the help and care he needs. And although he has no way of outwardly showing it, I really think somewhere deep his soul is grateful for those like you who’ve rescued him from himself and his pain.
    Here’s to peace for him and everyone involved.

  7. What Bob said as well as I would burn some sage to get rid of the negative energy. Poor guy. Sounds like he’s Schizophrenic especially since he hadn’t been that way back when he was younger. I do hope he gets help for the good and the dog is healthy and happy. You are such a good person to take care of everyone like you do.

  8. Oh wow. While I’m glad there is some sort of closing chapter on this for you, I hope the Music Man does accept to get the help he needs. So sad.

    I hope you have an extremely restful and lovely filled weekend with zero issues.

  9. I’m so happy for you that this chapter of your life is finally coming to an end.

    I hope The Music Man is able to get help and find some peace in his life.

  10. You’re so much better than most landords and tenant managers for taking on the care of the dog. I really, truly hope the Music Man is able to accept some help and get back on his feet, and that the dog winds up where it needs to be, whether it’s with a better Music Man or someone more able to care for him. You’ve done the best you can, regardless and deserve major props for that.

  11. Here’s to hoping the Music Man will go with the assisted care facility, where he’ll be taken care of and will hopefully, perhaps, begin to feel better overtime… it’s incredible how some lives turn out, and I can never help but wonder if I myself would have been more or less resilient if dealt certain cards. I’m glad the pup is safe, and I hope the new tenant is awesome. Whew.

  12. it’s truly a sad story and it is nice that after so much grief that he has caused that you can still be sympathetic. I am glad his friend took the pooch. I hope he gets proper help. Too bad there is no “quick fix” for someone like the music man. Even if he is partly jackass, I am sure most of it is illness..

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