This Takes the Cake

Yesterday I made carrot cake for our Mother’s Day lunch. It has no refined sugar or gluten and very little dairy. That might make it sound unappetizing to the sugar-loving skeptics but trust me, it was delicious!

I didn’t make a lot of frosting because I didn’t want to overpower the natural sweetness of the cake with the cream cheese. I actually think it could be good without the frosting but since I’ve not been eating refined sugar, food that is natural sweet (in this case, with dates), tastes sweet enough for me.

I used this recipe from The Food Lovers Kitchen (lots of great primal/paleo/gluten-free recipes on that site). I added walnuts to the batter and I didn’t wait an hour for the grated carrots to sit in the fridge soaking in the maple syrup. I also used dates not knowing they still had their pits in them. NOTE TO SELF: check for pits. (Luckily no one choked.) I might also add raisins next time I make it.

And yes, there WILL be a next time.


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